Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing is such a buzz word at the moment, however I think people become a bit freaked out by the term. As soon as you say to someone tells you they are making their wellbeing a priority, people think they are mad or have too much time on their hands.

In reality, making your wellbeing a priority means that you are trying to look after yours! Given how fast pace our lives can be,how full on our jobs and social media can be, we need to start putting ourselves first a bit more!

The biggest portion of our day is spent at work…..this is also where we take care of ourselves the least! We start the day with beautiful intentions but as soon as we open our emails those intentions are long gone and we are plotting our trip to the vending machine and skipping lunch to work on something important.

I don’t like to be all preachy but: This is not healthy at all lovely guests! This is the quickest way to put your mental and physical health at risk! Just by asking a few changes, or putting in a few “Plan Bs” you might be able to finish the day not feeling like you have been hit by a bus!

So here are my tips for looking after yourself at work:

Take Regular Breaks:

An obvious one I know, but how many breaks did you take today? Hand on heart, I can say I went to the ladies room twice, filled my water bottle once and took a 40 minute lunch break and that is only because i had to run errands!

Taking regular breaks to just get away from your screen and get the feeling back in your butt can help you be more productive and able to take on your next task more efficiently.

These breaks do not have to be far from your desk, or involve anything extravagant. They can just be a little trip to catch up with a friend for 5 minutes, but every little helps!

Drink More Water:

This little trick can help you with time number 1. Drinking more water is good for your skin, your internal organs and ladies it can help with your menstrual cycle.

Grab yourself a litre water bottle fill it up first thing and again when you take your lunch break. This will hydrate you the recommended amount and will force you to take breaks as your body needs it.

Work Smarter Not Harder:

Tracking our tasks and things to do is just part of the usual day-to-day at any 9 to 5, however how often do we look at this mammoth list and get lost, overwhelmed and even bored!

Over the last year and a half I have created this bullet journal/to do list hybrid that helps me keep track of tasks, sub-tasks and overtime hours that need to be banked.

Every task has a title, every sub-task has a tick box and all the hours go o a tracker. (I will do a fill post on this later on once I have perfected my little technic)

Eating vs Nourishing:

We all do it……too many emails, too many calls, too many meetings and your boss has just dumped something else on you that means you can’t take a lunch break and you are starving! So you smash back a cup of coffee, packet of crisps and a chocolate bar from the vending machine….this is not good for you!

This behaviour will just result in your blood sugar spiking and you crashing later on. So what is the solution? Personally I keep a snack jar full of nuts in my draw, and I prep my lunch the night before (again a story for another time). This way no matter what, there is something I can much on that nourish my body rather than taking it on a rollercoaster!

Keep It Fun:

Being in the office is dull and horrible at the best of times! The office I am in is beige and yellow……it makes my spirit sob daily…..and it has been scientifically proven that if your brain is not stimulated by your surroundings it will stop making new cells.

To avoid this at all costs, my desk is covered in colourful pens, sticky notes and things that I can use to activate what little grey matter I have left!!

So this is how to put you first during your 9 to 5! During this portion of the day, we neglect ourselves….we would never put up with this behaviour from anyone else, so why do we do it ourselves?

Have a great weekend lovelies xXx hugs and love xXx


What’s in my Gym Bag?

I never thought i would be one of those people, but after 2 years of going I am now a gym addict.

Maybe addict is a bit too strong…..gym enthusiast maybe would be a better way to describe it. I am there 3-5 days a week, mainly at lunch times because the gym is empty. My workouts are not really planned or scheduled anymore but I like to hit a few keep point and not do the same workout 2 days in a row.

This gym malarkey started as a thing to shed some flab before the wedding, but after losing 6 stone and seeing some amazing results it has made its way into my routine.

So….being a seasoned gym goer (lol), i have found a few things that I can not live without for my weekly sweats….so here are my top 5 most used things in my gym bag:

My spare glasses:

It’s official, in my 30’s I am not officially blind!!! So much so that I have to wear my glasses every waking moment. However in typical Lotz fashion my new glasses are very pretty and I would like to keep them in good condition for as long as possible.

To do this I keep my spare old glasses in my gym bag, just to thrown in to make sure I don’t hit the wrong button on the elliptical….and to read my book on the bike. Yes I know this is an odd habit, but you need to make time where you can……and it’s a darn site safer than reading whilst driving.

Water Bottle/Cup:

An obvious thing to take to the gym, but you would be surprised how many people i have seen taking those teeny tiny plastic cups onto the machines and drinking all of it before they are even a third of a way through their workout.

I have the view of “the bigger the better” when it comes to gym drinks receptacle. I tend to swap between this glass one from Kikki.k and my metal Beast. Both take a liter and I do my best to finish the lot before my hour is up.

Pen and Post-it:

I have always been one of those people that gets absorbed in what they are doing and will forget where I am up to in my workout. I kind of get lost in this circuits cycle and keep going until I fall down.

Having a pen and post-it near me means I can tally up my circuits to make sure i have done the correct amount of repartitions.

Added extra: sticking my post-it to my water bottle means I can hydrate whilst I make my reps off!

Travel Yoga Mat:

This has been the best investment I have ever made! This super soft, super sticky and very portable mat from Sweaty Betty has been the best £50 I have ever spent.

Gym mats are always over worn and usually a bit gross, so by taking your own you have a little bit of home comfort….as well as actively encouraging you to stretch!!!

Added extra: I try to do one yoga/Pilates routine a week (usually on a Friday). If the weather is nice I like to take my workout outside, so by having my own mat i can do this with ease!!

Microfibre Towel:

A standard towel is something I see hanging in our locker room every day. On the up side it’s nice to know my female colleagues shower post workout, but these towels take all day to dry and start to smell after a while.

After having mentioning this to Miss Pusheen, she recommended I try this microfibres option. Takes up a fraction of the space and soaks up the same amount of water if not more.

The one I have is part of a set from Amazon. Very cheap and excellent quality! Having the smaller one with you as is another bonus, as if you are planning a super sweaty workout you can take it around the gym and dry off mid session.

What do you guys keep in your gym bags? Is there anything you would recommend me trying out as we start a new week with new workouts to be had?

Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

Wedding 101: Things to research and discuss with your fiancé before you plan anything!

Welcome to another instalment of The House of Lotz Wedding Planning Series!

For those of you that are new: Welcome and Congratulations on getting engaged!! This is a little series that I wanted to create that kind of filled in all the gaps that I found in resource material when I was planning my own wedding.

Today I wanted to go through the 5 things you need to research and decide with your fiancé before you even think of spending any money or agree to any suggestions from friends and family.


I know that this may be obvious to everyone, but i really do think this is something that is overlooked! Before you look at anything, you need to sit down with both families and your fiancé to find out what your bottom line is. Make it very clear that there is no obligation for anyone to help you financially, but you would like to know if there is anything they would like to help with before your get your heart set on something. We were very lucky in that my Mum paid for my dress (a story for another day), my Dad and Mama where able to do all my accessories, so this saved us a fortune and allowed us to pay for our bridal party’s outfits.

Don’t forget to go through your family for resources! If your Aunt makes cakes, talk to here for either a contact that can cut you a deal, if your friend is a floris do the same! Every little helps!!

This all sounds so crass, but this is the most expensive day of your life and you do not want to be caught short and not be able to feed your guests on the day!

Home or Away?

Do you want to get married in the UK or opt for a destination wedding? This is a question only you can answer as a couple! There is a massive bonus to getting married abroad in that what you pay for it what you get. Your hotel coordinator will do everything for you so all you have to do is show up.

Getting married at home can also offer this, but it is completely up to you. You need to get this 100% agreed between you before one starts going off and looking at Greece whilst the other is looking at Gloucester!

Save the Season:

Going on from the Home vs Away argument, it’s time to pick a time of year. This sounds daft, but this is a fun conversation to have. We were super lucky in that we both proffer the colder months and love the colours of Autumn, so October was perfect for us! Others may not have this joy, so it is worth having this conversation.

Some people will even go so far as picking their season to match their colour schemes! If you are set on having a pastel coloured day, don’t set your wedding in December!

I even went so far as plotting out the year with all our celebrations on it to make sure we were not clashing with anything. Added bonus, this means that our wedding anniversary is equally spaced out from our birthdays and Christmas so this allows us to spoil each other even more!

It’s All Legal:

This is probably the worst part of the pre-planning/researching process……it’s time to call your local council….and the council in the district you want to get married in!

I know this is a sucky call to make but: did you know that in some districts you can only book your rejestra 12 months before you want to get married? Did you also know that if you are getting married in a district you do not live in, you need to meet with your local council (and pay for that meeting) as well as booking your officiant?

Make sure you get this all set before you set your heart on this spring, but everything is booked until next summer!


Now you have done all of these things, it’s time to pick your venue! I would recommend seeing as many venues as you can,,,,but make sure you go in with an action plan!

The Boy and I made a deal……as he hates appointments like this in general, I picked out all the venues, went to all the appointments and then came to him with the top 3. In my usual over prepared way, I gave him a break down of room prices, package inclusions and price per head on both sit down meal and reception buffet for the evening.

If you and your partner want to do all the appointments together that is great! I would recommend having a little score card system so you can make a decision easily. If you both can’t agree, then it’s not the venue for you.

I hope this has helped you in your pre-planning stage!

Next Time in Wedding 101: Top 5 all round resource materials!

Have a great weekend xXx

March Favourites

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your 4 day weekend so far!! (Sorry US guests, I know you don’t have this joy, but for us this 4 day weekend is a rare joy!)

I am so sorry that I have not had an open door the last few weeks, things have been a wee bit busy with post wedding admin, Daddy’s Birthday and being very very ill!

So…let’s see what has been keeping me going over the last month:

In The Kitchen:

I think this a sign that I am getting old…or crazy…or both…but I’m just in love with my collection of dinner plates at the moment.

Over the last year r so I have developed a strange love of blue and white china. I have no idea where it has come from, and why it is slowly taking over our home, but I am very glad it is! It brings a beautiful classic feel to a very mixed era home.

In The Bathroom:

To continue my blue and white obsession into another area of our home, i have switched our clear shower curtain (which I could never get or keep clean no matter what I did) for this beautiful blue and white number.

It makes our little bathroom a little lighter and brighter…..it’s also machine washable to makes my life a lot easier!

In The Bedroom:

A step away from the blue now into something else bright and cheerful! This jumper is my newest obsession given how cold and horrible it has been over the last few weeks.

This little guy is from ASOS Curve, is massively oversized and probably the softest thing I have ever worn! It even gets The Boy’s stamp of approval.

In The Living Room (aka The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat):

After being laid out on the sofa ill for lord knows how long, I have rekindled my love of Sex and The City. I have gone so far as to watch all the episodes and both movies…..and I am currently on the second go round.

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka In The Handbag):

Last month we made a little trip into Bath on our way back from Centre Parcs. On this little trip we went into one of my favourite shops: Anthropology…I have an unhealthy obsession with this shop, but I am waaaay past caring….and in my head I have decorated our home 50 times over…never mind!

Anyway, I needed a new handbag pencil case to stop all my stationary going walkabout. This little number is super cute and I just love it! The leather is hard and sturdy….so it has managed to keep its shape no matter how much I over fill it!

So that was March! Let’s see what April will bring us!!

Have a great week xXx xXx

Telling the Future: Top 5 Things for the next 5 years

“So…..where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Probably the most hated question ever asked in an interview. It brings terror to the hearts and minds of all who hear it, and power to those who ask it.

“What do I say? I want to be up for your job in that time? Have enough money to buy a house? New car? A family? Depends if you offer me this job or I am stuck where I am for the next few years?”

Either way you feel like you are giving the answer that someone else wants to hear, rather than the answer that is true to you.

I have found the best way to answer this question is in 2 parts….this gives anyone who utters this dreaded phrase an insight into who you are. It also reassures you that you are not a one-dimensional working robot…or a crazed loon…..either way its a bonus!

The people who ask this are usually with you on an interview or a first date…..either way it awkward!

On the flip side, this is a great question! I was asked it the other day by someone I never thought I would hear it from…..so it got me thinking……where do I really see myself in 5 years?

With everything I do, it boils down to a Top 5……so here are my top 5 things I want to achieve in the next 5 years:

The 9 to 5 switch up:

Let’s get this bit over and done with……my 9 to 5 I do really enjoy! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not my dream job but the other day I did realise it has given me everything 15 year old me ever wanted.

That being said, I do want to grow. The odd project here, maybe a promotion/lateral move wouldn’t go a miss!

The big dream is to write a book and never have to work in a corporate office again….but that is in the 10 year plan….not the 5!

Fitness Plans:

A few years ago my fitness plan was “Get Thin Now”….but that has all changed! It is now “Improve Cardio Fitness”. I basically want to be able to walk up the hills at Centre Parcs without wanting to die half way up!

I also want to be able to hold a plank for 60 seconds….but I think that will come in time.

Food Goals:

I have been slowly working out what I should/can eat over the last year or so….I think I have come to a good point with all now, so it is time for a new challenge. In the next 5 years I want to eliminate all processed foods from the house. The main goal is to make everything from scratch so I know that i can eat it without getting sick. My odd little plan will also help to save us some money to save for the next plan…..

Home Sweet Home:

I love our home!! It has been my home for 30 odd years now, but it has been our home for about 8 years now. We want to change all the windows (they are the same ones that were fitted in the house when I was 7), and we want to build an extension……and decorate….I could not imagine this not being our home, so we want to make a grow and evolve the way we do.

Family and Friends First:

I don’t think this one needs any explanation…….

I love my family and wish I could be with all of them all the time….but as we all have lives and things to do, I want to make a conscious effort to make more time…and then spend it with them, just because i can!

So where do you really see yourself in 5 years?

Have a great week lovelies xXx Hugs and Love xXx

February Favourites

Another month has been and gone…….I think it might be just me, but the month seemed to go so quickly and so slowly all at the same time!

February saw the Husband and I go to Center Parcs for our birthdays (beautiful, cold and full of squirrels….as it should be), we celebrate my birthday, cry on Mama’s Birthday and smile again on Husbands Birthday. February is the Birthday month, as you can tell, so it has been full of cake and naughty foods.

This has also been the month of snow: as I write this, I am watching our garden peek through the white blanket. Today was our first day leaving the house after 3 days of being stuck inside……I even has to bring my 9 to 5 into The House of Lotz office and work from home…..not impressed!!

So anyway…..let’s get into what has been keeping me going through this cold festive month:

In The Kitchen:

The push for a better world with more recycling and reusable products, I have decided to do my bit. A while ago I made the conscious effort to ask for no straw when we go out anywhere as well as making sure I either have my coffee in the cafe or bring my own travel mug.

Now to take this a little bit further I have been taking these metal straws with me. This was I can have enjoy my beverage through a straw, but not contribute to a pile of plastic.

In The Bathroom:

As a beautiful birthday present, my wonderful Husband brought me a new Jo Malone shower gel to replace one that I just finished.

As an extra romantic step, he picked out one of the matching fragrances on our wedding day.

English Pear and Freesia is something that is delicate, fresh and uplifting. Even though it is a shower gel, the scent lingers all day and makes me smile without fail.

In The Bedroom:

As you all know it has been freaking freezing! According to my Dad (who is my weather expert, and is never wrong) it has been “feels like minus 12” in our area……and living in a house that does not currently have central heating fitted I have been feeling the cold!

To help keep me warm, I have been obsessed with my Yuyu hot water bottle. Yes I know this is the kids cover, however I could not stretch to a cashmere cover!

This little guy stays warm for quite a while, and given him being so long, my entire body gets warm!

In The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat (aka in The Living Room):

As part of our shared birthday gift from my Mum, The Husband and I were treated to a new living room lamp. Our last one bit the dust at the end of January as a result of being a million years old and not screwing together properly.

This amazing spot lamp illuminates our living room independently of all other lights, but not in a garish way. We have fitted it with a warm toned bulb so we get a lovely warm glow.

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka in my Handbag):

I love to be organised…..we all know this….however like most very organised people, there are a few areas of my world that are messy…..One of these places is my handbag. You would all be appalled at how much of a state it is at the bottom of my bag……

In a last ditch effort to tackle this part of my world, I invested in this beautiful leather clutch from a fabulous seller on Etsy. It is expertly handcrafted, and can really take a lot of stuff!!

Added bonus: it now makes running out the door for coffee or a quick trip somewhere, I can just take this little guy filled with all my essentials and be on my way!

So…..that was February!

I hope you all had a good month, and that you have started to defrost!

Have a great week xXx hugs and love xXx

How to plan a wedding: You’re Engaged Now What?

Congratulations you lovely people! Your engaged and I’m sure you could not be happier! It is the most incredible feeling to have the person you love confirm that they want to be with you forever and declare all the things that comes with it.

Once this beautifully intimate declaration has passed, and you have to make the announcement to all you know and love, you are now bombarded with questions and pressure and…..well…far to many things that will bring on anxiety attack!

I found that everyone wants to know the date, where the wedding is, how many people are coming, what your dress looks like…..but it has only been a few days since you became engaged! Between us, Husband and I kept saying “We don’t know, we haven’t decided yet”, but in the back of our heads we are screaming “We got engaged yesterday, how are we meant to know”.

I have spoken to a lovely newly engaged friend of mine who is havening the same problem, so sweetie this is for you. These are my top 3 tips for the newly engaged.

Enjoy The Moment:

Becoming engaged is a beautiful thing. It comes with so many emotions that you need a little while to put yourself in order, and to spend time with your fiancé. I recommend just telling your family and closest friends when you are ready, and ask them to keep it to themselves for a few days.

The Husband and I kept it just for us and our little universe for a week, and then did a formal announcement when you are ready. This was you really get to enjoy the moment without a thousand questions.

Make an Engagement Plan:

When you are ready to, have a conversation with your fiancé about the things you want for your engagement/wedding. You need to be able to agree on having a long or short engagement, big or small wedding, whether you are having an engagment party or not. These things are all important but you should not make these decisions alone……your not getting married to yourself!

Set Some Ground Rules:

Girlfriends, Sisters, Mum’s and Mother In Laws to be get very excited about weddings. Some get a little bit too excited! I have a friend who had her now bridal party bombard here with wedding magazines, Pinterest pages and planner notebooks a week after she got engaged. To some that can be a bit overwhelming….and it made this bride to be run away from planning her own wedding.

Something similar happened to us. We kept getting asked about the date when we had not even found a venue.

Before anyone can get in there and scare you off, tell people you want to take your time and think about things with you fiancé first. No back seat planners please!

I hope this gives you lovelies a little insight into what it’s like to be engaged! Next time, I’m going to talk about important resources you need to start the planning process.

Have a great week guys xXx hugs and love xXx