January Favourites

As today is the last day of January, I though I would pick out 5 things that I have loved this month from all over The House of Lotz……

Starting in the Kitchen:


In an effort to get back on my eating plan, I have rediscovered my Juicer. Now it’s back in my life, I don’t know why I ever packed it away.

My juice of choice is normally Beetroot, Carrot and Apple. If I have some spare kale I will pop that in as well. As this juicer deposits all the fibres from the veggies in a bucket at the back, I can put it all in a pot, pop it in the freezer and save it for my Greengrocers loaf (recipe for this going up in the next few weeks).

In the Bathroom:


Ok, odd I know, but I keep this product in the bathroom, so lets just go with it……The Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute (24 hour soothing and hydrating fresh mask). If you are looking for a sneaky Lux overnight mask, or just fancy something a bit new, try this mask!My day job is in an office where the air-conditioning and heating system compete with each other all day, drying out my skin. By Friday, I feel like a raisin and my skin needs a drink. I apply this just before I go to bed in place of my usual evening moisturiser, and wake up feeling hydrated and happy. You can pick this little guy up from Cult Beauty or if you are lucky enough to have a Marks and Spencers with a Beauty Hall, it will be there too.

The Bedroom:


Nothing rude, I promise!! This is all about getting a good night sleep.

In March last year I was in a car accident, and since then getting to sleep has been a big problem for me. Swooping in to save the day has been the ‘This Words Pillow Spray’. This little blessing in a bottle is wonderful! All you do is spray it on your pillow a few minutes before you go to bed. Crawl in to bed, and before you know it, your deep in your beauty sleep. It has a relaxing smell that is not to Lavender heavy, which I love. Admittedly, this little bottle is £16, but, it will save you spending out for coffee to try and keep you awake and lasts for ages.

The Living Room:


In most homes, mine in particular, this room has many uses, so you know my favourite thing from here is going to be a wired one……The House of Lotz Living Room is also known as The House of Lotz Yoga Retreat and Spa. For all you Yoga Bunnies out there, you know what it’s like to find the prefect yoga mat…well…I have found mine. Sweaty Betty have a gorgeous selection of mats, but this pink one just had to come home with me. It’s thick enough to give support during posses of any type, and has a non-slip pattern that stops me falling on my face. Another item on the pricy side, but, it will save you thousands on needing nose job!

The Portable House of Lotz (aka, my handbag):


Every girl out there lives in there handbag when they are not at home, and I am no exception! After waiting for what feels like a lifetime, I have finally got my hands on Mac Plumful. This beautiful Lustre lipstick is so pretty in the bullet and on the lips. The beauty of a Lustre lipstick is that you can swipe it over you lips for a little wash of colour, or really build it up for a more bold finish. Over the course of the day, it will leave a pretty stain, so minimal topping up needed. A perfect companion to take you from day to night in one bullet.

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  1. FridaysFabFive says:

    Cute picks!
    Check out my top five music lists!


  2. FridaysFabFive says:

    Cute picks!
    Check out my top five music lists!


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