Its Valentines Day……now what?

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Today is Valentines day and I have idea what to do….

This may sound like this weeks post is full of fluff and love heart, however, this is your guide to getting the most important thing out of Valentines Day, and that is spending real time with the one (or ones) you love. It doesn’t matter if this is your Husband, Boyfriend, Wife, Girlfriend, Best Friends or yourself…..I’ve got a little something for you all……

The Long Standing Love:

If you have been with your other half for an extended period of time, and you know each other inside and out, its time to rethink your dinner plans. Rather going to a crowded restaurant where they are pushing you out the door before you have even finished your starter, why not make a lovely meal together at home. It can be as fancy as home made Sushi, or a simple as showing a pizza in the oven. It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you do it together and you have fun, you will get the most from your evening.

The New Love:

For those of you who have not had the gift of time on your side, but have the pleasure of new found love, I recommend to you “The Breakfast Date”. I feel that this time of day is very over looked for a date. It doesn’t have to be for the morning after the night before, or catching up with friends, its can be the perfect jumping off point for a beautiful day spent with your new love. Its a little slice of luxury that can be served with coffee, champagne and even pancakes, and there is nothing wrong with that!!

Time with Friends

This is the perfect excuse to have a casual dinner party with friends. If you can get a good mixed group together, its even better. I find the best way yo do this is with a pot luck style. One friend manning the starter, the host on the main course (but thats just to take advantage of your own kitchen) and so one. If you have a really big group, you can divide dinner duties down even further by given out dishes for each guest and digging in family style. After a scrumptious dinner, its time for a movie marathon, or games, depending of how any bottles of wine have fallen to with roadside during the meal.

Time to yourself (you lucky muffin)

Lets get the first thing out the way, I am very jealous of you lucky so and so having the night to do as you please. For you luck ones out there I would recommend a pamper evening, complete with your favourite treats and cult movies. If I was in your shoes, I would have them off and be in the bathtub, soaking with my epsom salts. Its the perfect way to start an evening to yourself. Once you are all relaxed from you bath, its time for yummy treats and an amazing movie of your choosing.

I hope you have enjoyed my non-mushy non-fluffy heart version of Valentines Day. Today in The House of Lotz, myself and The Boy will be curling up on the sofa and making a yummy dinner as part of Day 2 of his Birthday Celebrations. Whatever you all get up to…..I’m sending you all loads of love xXx

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