Just a Little Note

I’m sure we can all remember that dreaded chore we had a children of writing Thank You cards after Christmas and Birthdays, often to distant ageing relatives. As we get older, and further away from our Mothers, we are less inclined to put pen to paper until we get married. As punishment for not writing Thank You notes or cards for the best part of a decade, you now have to sit down and write hundreds of them until your hand falls off.

To avoid hands falling off, and to bring a little charming sweetness back into the world, I am on a mission to bring this little habit back into everyones lives…..Come on……who doesn’t love receiving a Thank You for something they have done, as well as something in the post that isn’t a bill.

Reasons to put Pen to Paper:

Little cards and note should not just be confined to people Birthday’s, Christmas and the Thank You note. There are many other beautiful reasons to send a little something in the post. I often send little cards after meeting friends for lunch, or even better, to invite them to lunch or dinner. However, the best reason of all is ‘Just Because’. I am forever finding and collecting little cards to send to people just to cheer them up.

The List:

A couple of days before a mass card writing session, I like to sit down and make a little list of all the names with a note of what I would like to say next to it. In typical Lotz fashion, these are all colour coded to ensure that nothing is missed.

Note Cards:

I am one of those people who keeps a box of miscellaneous cards around the house just in case. I tend to keep these as plain and nondescript as possible so they can be used for many different occasions. If you are looking for a good starter set, you can pick up some beautiful boxed cards from John Lewis and Paperchase. I do tend to splurge a little on Thank You cards after Birthday’s and Christmas, just for a nice luxurious touch.


The Pen:

Odd, I know, but everyone has their favourite pen. Be it a trusty old Bic, the 0.5 Gel Pens from Muji (the colours alone will make you want to get the full set) or something more expensive. It does not matter which you pick, you have to be comfortable writing with it. If you are not, your hand will cramp up before you know it, and your hand writing will be all over the place!


The Extra Touches:

As all of my friends and family will know, I am terrible for using stickers and glitter in cards. If its a big Birthday or event, it brings a added something to fill the card with glitter shaped like something matching the occasion. Over the last few years I have filled cards with 50’s, 70’s, pink and blue bears, top hats and champagne glasses. If you know the recipient of your card has small children or pets, I would recommend putting a warning on the envelope, we don’t want any accidents.

If you are not one for glitter, stickers make the envelope a new canvas to decorate. A little balloon sticker can make the most simple of things a luxury gesture.


Well…I hope you have found this a helpful for the next time you feel that you want to brighten someones day with a little something in the post xXx


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