Relaxation Tips

We all work hard, during the working week and on our days off. On the move all day, thinking about the next thing that needs doing, and the stress that is around the corner.

I am the worst person for doing this! Until very recently I would send myself emails from home to work telling me to get things done or lists for the day….in the middle of the night!! This is not healthy, and only a sudden dramatic reality check made me see the error of my ways. So….an overhaul of all my routines was undertaken, in an effort to relax more.

So…..enough rambling, here are my tips for relaxing, any time of day:

Morning Me Time:

I love to start the day on a rested mood. During the week this involves drinking green juice in traffic on the M25, however, weekends are different story.

Weekends are all about breakfast for me. I love to take the time to make my espresso slowly while looking out the kitchen window. On warmer days I will take my coffee into the garden to enjoy the peace of the morning. On cooler days, I sit on the floor near the patio doors and enjoy a little bit of calm.


Morning Rule: This time is a technology free zone! No tablet, no phone nothing! This is your time to be with yourself and find your feet for the day.

Lunch Break:

Just because its the middle of the day, doesn’t mean you can’t find the time to relax. Its even more important that you take the time during the working day. If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I spend 90% of my lunch breaks at a place called H+H Uxbridge. This is a lovely little coffee shop called Harris + Hoole, which I have adopted as my home away from home. Here I like to unwind and melt away the stress of the working morning by scribbling in my notebook, or working on my post for the coming week. This allows you to rest for the rest of the afternoon.

IMG_3848 IMG_3429

Lunchtime Tip: DO NOT TAKE YOUR BREAK AT YOUR DESK!!! This is the worst thing to do, as if you offie is anything like mine….you wont get a moments peace!!

Evening Rest:

After a long day at work and a pre-relaxation yoga session, I love to flop on the sofa and just rest. The Boy and I spend most evenings watching TV and just spending time together. To make the evening extra cozy, I love to light a few candles. My current favourite is the Voluspa Champagne Rose. It smells incredible and is a nice change from your usual lavender fragrances.

This beautiful flop on the sofa is made that bit more relaxing by very large cup of peppermint tea. I recommend the Tea Pig Peppermint tea, or just grab s sprig of mint from the garden and add to boiling water. Either is equally yummy and effective.


Evening Advice: falling asleep on the sofa is totally acceptable, and for me happens most evenings. This is a good sign, as you have let the stress from the day.

Additional Tip: When you finally head off to bed, try your best to avoid your phone, unless you really really have to. There is something about the lighting or the screen that will disturb your sleep.

Well….I hope you have enjoyed these little tips, and I hope you have a restful weekend.

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