Travel Essentials

In the not so distant future, myself and The Boy are heading off for a little break away from work and the cold. I am very much looking forward to it, however, the journey is a little longer than 20 minutes, and its not somewhere I can drive too. Now this trip Is every closer, it has forced me to look at what I need to keep myself entertained…….so……here are my travel essentials for any journey!

The Bag


Lets start with the thing that is going to hold all your essentials. This little number is one of the newest guests in The House of Lotz. A beautiful gift from The Boy for my Birthday, and I am in love! It is big enough for every day, as well as for traveling. It reduces the need for more than one handbag for your holiday. This one is from John Lewis, but, there are some beautiful alternatives from Accessorize, Marks and Spences, and even Primark.



I am the worst for being a fidget during any journey that I can not walk or drive myself. Anything longer than 20 minutes, and I tend to go a little crazy……come on, there are only so many times that a girl can check her phone!

I love the free magazines and papers you can pick up in London. Stylist is my current favourite at the moment.

If I am going on a longer journey, multiple options are needed! This is when the ipad comes in. I can fit so may different books (anything by Janet Evanovich), games (Plants vs Zombies 2) and music that I can not possibly get restless!

In-transit Spa


If you are lucky enough to need to get on a a flight for your holiday, there are a few things that I like to take with me to make me look so what human when I get off the other side. As you can see, I am not the best traveller ever!

Time to Hydrate: drink as much water as you can on any flight. Team this with a luxurious moisturiser, and you will have fresh bright skin the other side.



Along with the being bored on long journeys, I get really sleepy, but I find it really hard to switch off and rest. To combat this, I have found a new love for eye masks. These on is perfect! It does not stick to your eyes like most, it is slightly raised around the eye socket and light to the brow and cheek bone. This means that you are in total darkness, but you can still open and close your eyes naturally. This is from T K Maxx, but you can get them from Amazon very cheaply.

To go with this, as its still chilli in the UK, I like to curl up under my big scarf and zone out. Please don’t forget to set your alarm if you are on the bus or the train……we dont want you missing your stop!!

I hope you all enjoyed my little travel tips! So, happy trails my lovelies xXx

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