March Favourites

I really can’t believe that March has already come to an end already!! It feels like yesterday I was thinking about my February Favourites.

This month has been a little bit of and odd one, so my favourites seem to match that…so…..lets start the craziness……

The Kitchen:

This month I have spent a lot of time trying to keep all the cold and flue germs that have been flying around the office. Rather than going for the medicated versions, I have opted for a lot of hot water with lemon. As, like most people, I do not use an entire lemon to do this, so, I have been having a little affair with my Lemon Holder. You can use a perfectly good plastic container to keep your lemons fresh and not absorbing all the smells from you fridge, however, this was a super cute gift, and it the perfect size. It fits in the door of the fridge and is so bright that I can never miss it!


The Bedroom:
Ok, time for a bit of an overshare…….when I get stressed, anxious, ill, tired or rundown my bottom lip turns a delightful shade of blue, and then cracks. Its painful, annoying and has been plaguing me all month long. To rescue my poor lip I have been smothering it with Carmex as part of my night-time routine. As well as being super hydrating, it has a slight menthol hint to it, which has been keeping my nose clear.


The Bathroom:
I mentioned last month about my New Years Resolution to take more baths. This month I have managed to keep this up (yaay me). This month I have opted for using epsom salts by them selves, and I am loving it! My back and shoulders have been feeling so much better. I also swear that these little guys have been helping with some dry patches that have popped up.


The Lounge:
I mentioned in my Relaxation Tips that I love to have peppermint tea in the evenings. I have a feeling that this will be an ongoing this for the rest of time. Now, you can’t have peppermint tea without a comfy mug. This month I have been using my Anthropology mug with a ‘C’ on the front. I brought this with the intention of this being my super cool blog writing mug, but, its slowly making its way in to my all day every day mug! It reminds me of a mug you would see in a barbers shop, which makes me love it even more.


The Portable House of Lotz (aka, my handbag):
Continuing on in the oddness that has been going on in The House of Lotz, I have been spending a lot of time away from my laptop and plotting out my blog posts in my notebook. This month I have re-discovered multi-coloured pens from Bic. These where all the rage at my school and to this day they always remind me of my Religious Studies teacher. With this re-discovery has come an added bonus: Bic have brought out a pastel version, which I am a total sucker for!!


I hope you have all had a wonderful March and that the sneaky little bit of sunshine that has popped out in the UK. See you all soon xXx

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