Spring Has Sprung….Have You?

Spring is a funny little season in the UK. Its that cold wet patch that falls between Winter and Summer that means you need a umbrella, but you also need your sunglasses. With the need for a million outfit changes throughout the day so we can adjust to the constant fickleness of the weather, I’ve noticed that people find Spring hard to embrace.

Well, I think its time that we all get into the beautiful transition season and love it for what it is…..So….here are 3 things I like to do to put a Spring in my step….

In The Home:

The Winter need to have the fire on every second you are home has now finally left us. After what feels like a decade, its time to open up those windows and let a fresher breeze into our homes. To get rid of the, what now feels like, stuffiness, I like to switch up my flower and candle combinations.

I love flowers and candles all year round, but in the Spring I like to start bringing in something a little more fragrant and lighter in colour. Now, I am no florist or flower expert in any way, so I like to ask my local florist what he recommends. This week it was Scented Stocks. The beautiful white blooms are a beautiful addition to a seasonally defunct fire place.


Now, you may be thinking that this sort of thing can be expensive, well if you opt for the large bunches of roses or overly stuffed bouquets and do not look after them, you would be right. These big bunches can be over stuffed with filler flowers that wilt and perish very quickly if their water is not changed every few days. I personally do not have time, or the budget, for that sort of bunch. My preference is the local florist or flower stand as they always have the best of the season. If there is nothing like that near you, the local supermarket is equally rife with floral bargains. If you wait until the end of the day, you can get some beautiful little bunches, that need a bit of TLC, but will last you up to 2 weeks.

To keep you flowers looking their perkiest, change the water and trim the stems every 2-3 days. This keeps their water supply fresh, and the stems open to keep them drinking.

For candles, its time to bring out the light scents. If you are opting for a floral keep it nice and light. Nothing to distinctive, unless you can match your flowers to it. If you want something to complement your flowers, no matter what looks at its best, try opting for a gardenia or jasmine based scent. This keeps the fragrance neutral and stops it from being over powering.

If scented candles are not really your thing, I would recommend a large pillar candles, either in a storm vase, on a stand, or even on a plate, no matter what it brings light and lift to the room, without causing to much disruption.

In Your Stomach:


Random I know, but this is the time of year I find myself starting to reach for lighter and brighter foods. More often than not I find that I start up my love for foods that have anything to do with peas, mint or lemons around spring to prepare myself for a full on burst of freshness come summer. So to not over kill on these beautiful things, I start by adding mint and lemon to my water every day, just to introduce some brightness.

As the days get lighter, and fresh peas become available I start to add them and mint into my lunchtime salads. This is accompanied by a nice amount of lemon salad dressing. A little boost of freshness reminds me that Summer is just around the corner, and thats it’s nearly picnic season.

In The Day to Day:

Spring is the perfect time to start road testing those summer brights that we all know and love. I have found myself sticking to my usual monochromatic outfits, but mixing in a playful pop of brightness. As soon as the cherry blossom blooms, I’m itching to get out the flora toned hues.

The first thing to be upgraded to a more playful colour is my nail varnish. All winter long I stick to the standard deep shades of purple, browns and the odd black here and there. Now spring shoots have popped their little hears up, I find myself reaching for these 3 little beauties from Essie. These can be found in most Boots and Superdrug stores, and are really worth every penny. The colour pay off is fantastic, as is the staying power of these vanishes. I find 2-3 coats and you are ready to go.  

Style Hunter, Coral Reef, Not Just a Pretty Face
Style Hunter, Coral Reef, Not Just a Pretty Face

If the nail varnish is not for you, or you love it some much you want to add more of these beautiful shades, I would recommend these gorgeous lip treats. A bright lip is my favourite way to update any look. It instantly screams Spring and Summer. You would also be surprised how much it illuminates the face. Its like instant radiance.

Chanel Rouge Allure in Melodieuse, Korres Lip Butter in Quince, Dior Addict Lip Balm in 002
Chanel Rouge Allure in Melodieuse, Korres Lip Butter in Quince, Dior Addict Lip Balm in 002

These 3 products have very different colour intensity, so you can either go in head first with this Chanel Rouge Allure in Melodieuse that hydrates instantly as well as providing a gorgeous strong pink/orange colour to the lips. Or you like something a bit more subtle, try this Dior Addict Lip Balm in 002, a slightly glossy rose scented hue that complements every skin tone. If these are all too strong for you, this Korres Lip Butter in Quince might be your answer. In the tub, this little guy looks very bright and scary, however, on the lips you are provided the lightest of light stains to the lips, as well as being very nourishing.

I hope you are all feeling a bit more Springy now and that you find a little something to brighten your home this week xXx have a great Bank Holiday xXx

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