Rum Raisin Brownies

Spring may have sprung, and we might have started feeling a bit lighter, but no matter what time of year it may be I can not resist a brownie. I don’t think anyone can.

As we all get older, I find we restrict ourselves to luxury goodies only in passing moments and do not really get to sit and enjoy. So… I am going to share with you a luxurious brownie recipe to enjoy.

As you can see, I am working with alcohol today, so if you do not drink, or like rum, or want to make these for children, I have a few alternatives as we go along…..So….lets get started…

225g Storke, 250g Caster Sugar, 200g White Chocolate, 200g Raisins soaked in 100ml Rum, 4 eggs, 150g Flour, 250g Dark Chocolate

Rum Note:

Soak your raisins for a minimum of 2 hours, the best results are over night.

If you are not using rum, you can soak your raisins in Orange Juice or Water for the same amount of time.

1 microwave proof bowl or jug, 1 sieve, 1 spatular, 1 28cm x 18cm tray, or 2-3 small disposable trays

As always, before we start turn your oven on to full heat so it can pre-heat.

Whilst your oven is heating, melt the dark chocolate and Storke together in your microwave. Do this is 30 second bursts to avoid burning your chocolate.

Once this is melted, leave to cool slightly.

Add in you sugar into the mixture and beat well.


Now your sugar is combined, add in your eggs and beat well.


Now your eggs are mixed in, sieve in your flour and combine well. Your mixture should now be silky smooth.


Fold in you white chocolate and raisins. If you have used rum, another alcohol or Orange Juice stir in the raisins with the soaking liquid. If you have used water do not stir this in. Discard the liquid and mix in 100ml milk as a replacement.


Everything should be combined and evenly distributed through your mixture and ready to poor into your tray or trays.


Drop your oven down to 180 degrees and bake your brownies for 20 minutes if you have used small trays, or 30 minutes if you have used one large tray. Your brownies will be baked to perfection when the top starts to crack and the top is bouncy to the touch.

These are prefect straight out of the oven and served with ice cream as a dessert. A luxurious yummy treat to end your evening or afternoon meal.

Today I would like to encourage you to all to take a little break from the business of the week and really enjoy some luxury. A break for coffee and cake with friends and family, or a moment with yourself.


Either way, take some time and enjoy your weekend xXx

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