One Dress Three Ways: The Spring Edition

Welcome back to the Spring Edition of One Dress Three Ways.

As the Spring has brought us a little more warmth and brightness……ok, less grey skies…..? Lets be honest here, the UK has had 2-3 days of good weather and that is it, but the theory and the intention of the season has left it’s mark on my clothing choices. Rather than opting for 10 to 15 layers, I have dropped down to 2 or 3, which my laundry basket is very grateful for.

As before, these looks always have the same dress as a base. I still can not explain how much I love this dress. I still find myself reaching for it more than I would like to admit.

Asos Curve Jersey Dress

So, here are three ways I am dressing up and down my favourite dress this season.

A Day In The Office:

New Look Blazer, Louis Vuitton Scarf, MacBook Pro, Mary Jane’s from Kay’s

So far this season, I have been spending what seems like more and more time in the office. The office I am in, very much like any other, has some what can only be called Glamazons strutting the catwalk styled halls. Over the last few weeks as the days get lighter, their looks and becoming stronger, encouraging me to up my game. To keep up with these amazing women I have been pairing my trusty friend with my little black jacket (New Look from 100 years ago but they still stock something very similar). This gives a corporate feel without being too stuffy. Along with my patient Mary Jane’s and my trusty Louise Vuitton Scarf (a Birthday Gift from The Boy a few years ago), I feel like I can take anything the world throws at me that day.

Enjoying The Day:

Evans Trench, Old Navy T Shirt, New Look Pumps

On those rear moments I have as down time, this dress is my go too as its super stretchy and there is every likelihood that myself and The Boy or my friends will be having lunch, coffee, snacks……the list goes on.

To keep this look super casual, I like to layer on top a t shirt. This super cute one is from Old Navy and was part of my holiday shopping. Paired with these nude pumps and my trusty trench coat, I am ready to take on the day. This little combo is really great if your afternoon of fun heads into the evening. Just take the t shirt off and you are left with a black dress and pumps to see you through dinner.

An Evening Of Luxury:

Marks and Spencers Cardigan, New Look Shoes

For evenings out, you can not fault this dress. Dinner, Drinks, Dancing, it does it all. This time I have added a bit of structure to the look with my peplum cardigan from a Marks and Spencer’s outlet store. This never fails to make my waist look as small as it really is, and gives me a real skip in my step. The colour is perfect of any occasion, and doubles up as my jacket for the evening, in case I get cold.

I hope you have all enjoyed my walk through my Spring Edition. Soon there will be a Summer Edition, which I am currently putting together and really cant wait to show you all!!

Enjoy the fleeting moments of sunshine everyone xXx

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