Manicure Magic

I love a good Manicure. Just the right polish can really complete an outfit, without the need to add much else.

Saying that, I am super fussy and meticulous when it comes to my own nails. They are always clean and tidy and 99% of the time polished. If I see one little chip or think they are starting to dull, a polish change will not be in my too distant future.

My Nan always said ‘Chipped nails make you look like you have dirty underwear’. Odd I now, but, over the years it has stuck with me, and has resulted in my never ending search for a long lasing manicure that doesn’t leave my nails looking like a car crash when it is time to take them all off……….

So, here is my little routine for my moderately long lasting manicure…..

Nail Prep:


To start with, take of all your residual nail varnish off you nails. Even if my nails are vanish free, I like to give them the once over so all the dirt and grease is removed.

I have no loyalty to any particular nail varnish remover, its usually whatever is cheapest, or on offer. I always find that the more expensive products promise more than what they can deliver. The best one I have ever had was from The Pound Shop, it didn’t smell terrible or dry my nails out.

Shape and Smooth:


Its time to make those nails smooth and the perfect shape. I have a great love for soft nail files. The Orange ones from Sephora are amazing! If you can not get hold of these, the ‘Step 1: File’ side of a buffing block. They are soft enough to file into a great shape of your choice, but hard enough to take your nails back to a short length if you need too.

After filing, its time to buff out the edges and chips that you might have. This ensures that you do not have any rough edges that may make your nail varnish snag and chip.

All About That Base:


I have mentioned a few times that I have had some issues with a bad shellac job and my nails where shot to hell. Since then, these two little beauties have been a God send (One High End, One Drug Store)!! Both offer the same sort of boost to your nails, and both give about the same result.

Apply one coat of either one of these and allow to completely dry before starting on your colour. A good strong base is what you need to ensure that your manicure last.

Pretty Little Colours:

DSC01278I love to switch up my colour choices as much as possible. If I go with a nude at the start of the week, I will opt for a bold or bright later on.

To get the best result, leave a tiny space above the cuticle to insure it does not flood. This gives you a professional look without splashing the cash.

DSC01286To get the best colour payoff, apply a minimum of 2 coats of your chosen colour. This insures a good strong colour, and a ‘thick’ gel like finish. Make sure that each coat is completely dry before applying the next.

Tip Top:

DSC01276Now I may not be loyal to any other step in my routine, but this is a step that I will not miss.

Once your colour is completely dry, apply 1 coat of Sally Hanson Hard as Nails (Nail Wrap). Leave this coat for about 10 minutes.Now apply 2 coats of the Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat. This is super quick drying and will set all the layers of nail varnish you have applied as hard as a rock.

Your nice fresh manicure will not last anything from 2-5 days… enjoy your fab new mani’s all xXx

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