The Anniversary Post

I can honestly say I am one of the lucky ones in life. Last week Myself and The Boy celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary.

Now for a little bit of a caveat: We are not Married, or Engaged, or any of that. We are together and very happy.

We get asked a lot about any secrets or tips for a long standing relationship, most expecting to hear some ridiculous formula that mimics the one to turn rocks into gold……but we are just lucky in how things have happened. We have never played mind games (can’t be bothered with any of that). We like to hang out with each other. We laugh a lot!! If that is the magic formula then so be it…hehe.

We have a very equal relationship…..I know that sounds an odd thing to say, but we met when we where students, so we would split everything with odd treat on Student Loan day was thrown in for good measure.

We have been through a lot and that’s what has made us what we are today………

Anyway, enough the mushy stuff and on to the post. Today I wanted to give you a sneak peak into what we got up to on our Anniversary weekend. The Boy organised this entirely, so all day I was being surprised every second.

A Cultured Wander


To start our wonderful day, we took in the beautiful sites and sounds of The National Portrait Gallery. It was the most beautiful start to a wonderful day. We walked every inch of the gallery and saw everything from Anna Wintour all the way back to The Origins of the Modern World.

I did notice on our wonder round that there is an Audrey Hepburn exhibit coming in July, so if you can, please hold off until then!!

Just a reminder….Please do not take pictures in the gallery as the flash can damage the very old paintings. Hence no Photographs of this part of our day.

A Lovely Long Lunch….with Extras


After walking around the Portrait Gallery, we where starving, so a walk down to Covent Garden was in order to find something super yummy. I have a special place in my stomach for Union Jack, which is one of Jamie Oliver’s places. The yummiest mix of Old School English Pub foods and Pizza dishes. Like most places, their menu reflects the seasons, so if you are in the area, I would thoroughly recommend checking it out. If you can get there before the Autumn menu comes in, try The Squash Pizza. Its the yummiest thing I have had in a long time.

Even if you are not stopping in the area for lunch, Covent Garden is beautiful to just walk around. It’s my favourite place in London any time of the day, any season. Just walk around and take it in, its wonderful!

I will do a full post about this wonderful place soon.

A Wonderful Way To End Our Day


To finish off this beautiful day, The Boy surprised me even more with a trip to the theatre to see The Commitments. I have been saying I wanted to see this show for about a year, and waiting this long was 100% worth it.

If you can get to see it, please please go!! Even if you can’t get to go, see the movie, or read the book. However you get this amazing story into your life, do!! The must is amazing, the message is fantastic!

At the end of the show, the cast performed 3 bonus numbers where the entire audience got up from their seats and danced their hearts out.


Well…..after all that fun, and reliving every beautiful moment, I am now as sleepy as I was at the end of the day itself, however, I wanted to give a piece of advise that I have learned along the way: Love and Be Happy. There is no other way to be in a relationship. As long as you are both happy and in love, that’s all that matters.

Have a great weekend everyone xXx xXx

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