June Favourites

Another month has been and gone, but my goodness it has been a wonderful June.

This month The House of Lotz has been filled with Anniversary fun, Family times and a lot of love, which I could not have made me any happier.

This months favourites are, as always, a bit of a random motley crew of things, but thats the way I like the……so….lets go through these little delights……

The Kitchen:


Well, I finally cracked….I finally gave into the pressure and got myself a Spiralizer. I made the rooky mistake of going for a cheeper option to just give it a go, but it was awful and it not really do what I wanted it to do….soooooo back on to Amazon I went and picked up the little guy. This may sound really lame, but, I love this piece of kit! I am trying really hard to give up wheat and heavy carbs, as they make me feel pretty awful, and this is really helping. My new favourite lunch is steamed spiralized courgette with homemade tomato sauce. Super light, but filling at the same time.


The Bedroom:


Like most girls, I keep my make-up stash in the bedroom, so I think this one is a fair choice. This month there has been a lot of going out, and the possibility of over heating, so I have been reaching of trusted favourite: Kiko 8 hour cream eyeshadow stick in number 38. This shadow is great by itself for a simple swipe and go, or can be used as a base for an evening look. This claim on this product does not lie, it really does last 8 hours. It doesn’t crease or smudge unless you really rub your eye hard. This long lasting wear was really brought home by the 2 attempts it took me to wash this swatch off my hand. Kiko have so many different shades of this product and are really affordable. You really are spoilt for choice.

The Bathroom:


Along with going out and enjoying myself, comes the awful price of bad skin. I am one of those people who do not just break out on their face, I get some awful dry patches that turn up on my arms and legs as a result of eating naughty yummieness…..so this month I have been reaching for the Frangipani and Rice Milk Sugar scrum from Mandi Lulur by Rituals. Having worked for this brand over the years I know how amazing these products, and this scrub is no exception. The fragrance is sweet, luxurious and lingers on the skin for hours after a shower. The added bonus of the scrub is that you do not have to use a moisturiser because your skin is beautifully nourished by the oils.

The Living Room (a.k.a The House of Lotz Retreat and Spa):


This month I have been making a conscious effort to work on my Yoga. This may sound like I have jumped on the Yoga band wagon, and in a way I have, but I have been doing it on and off for over 10 years. Until recently I did not now how much I missed it, so I am putting my wellbeing first and upping my practise, hitting the mat as much as possible. Having taken such a long break has left me with very tight hips….so out have come the Yoga Blocks. For those of you not into yoga, they are used to help you either deepen the stretch in your pose by making it harder, or helps you “Bring The Earth Up To You” when you cant reach the floor. I have been super cheeky and been standing on them to help me reach my New Years Resolution of being able to touch my elbows behind my legs in a forward fold.

The Portable House of Lotz (a.k.a The Handbag):


OK, so you may have noticed that I might be a bit of a nerd. Like most Nerd Girls, I invest a lot in books, the characters, the author, everything. My favourite author of all time, Janet Evanovich has finally graced us with another instalment of her Lizzy and Diesel books entitled ‘Wicked Charms’. Now, I have read everything that Ms Evanovich has ever published, so I am not the best person to give an objective view, however, I have not been able to put this guy down. If you are in the market for a good off the wall, slightly scifi, sprinkled with fantasy type crime novel, with a lot of laughs along the way, I would recommend picking up

So, what have you all been loving this month? Is there something that you lovelies would recommend me trying out over the month of July?

Have a great weekend everyone xXx

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