A Very Special Weekend Away, with a Sneaky trip to Sephora

Last weekend was a very special weekend for someone I very proud to call my friend, and fellow WordPresser….A Miss became part of a Mr&Mrs in a very beautiful sunny Portugal surrounded by friends and family.

So, with a wedding to go to and work to get back to on Monday, myself and Miss Pusheen (my super amazing friend who booked EVERYTHIING for this trip….Thank you Pusheen) had a whistle stop trip through Lisbon on Saturday afternoon.

Lisbon is a beautiful city, especially in the sunshine. The food is amazing, the people are lovely, so I would 100% recommend going for a full weekend where you can really look around and see everything it has to offer. This is lotz speak for “i want to go back and eat everything again!!”

IMG_4553 IMG_4554 IMG_4555

As you can see, I am not going into too much detail….so….moving swiftly on, I will get into the Sneaky Sephora Goodness………

Skin Care:


I have mentioned before that I am a big fan of the Sephora sheet masks. As I used one of my Pomegranate ones on the way back from the US, it was time to pick up a replacement. Whilst I was picking this one up, I saw that Sephora now do matching eye masks. The pomegranate masks offer Anti-fatigue and Energising properties, so any eye product that offers to get rid of my black bags is a going to come home with me. I will be testing these little guys out, so I will keep you all posted.



The Sephora in Lisbon is not the biggest I have been to, but it still has the ominous “Isle Of Doom” as they all do. In the hazardous walk to pay for my goodies, I snapped up this adorable mini-eye liner in a beautiful metallic purple (21 Plum). With its small size and sharp nib, you can get in super close to the lash line, perfect to complement the Autumn/Winter purple smokey eye.


Ok, OK, I know…I need another lip colour like I need a hole in the head….but…well…accidents happen, especially in Sephora! Their own brand products are fabulous, so I couldn’t not try out these new babies.

First up, these 2 matte lipsticks in No11 and No12. I know there does not look like much of a difference in the bullet colours, but on the skin, you get such a change. No11 being more pink and No12 giving a light plummy tone.


Another matte product came in the form of Sephora Cream Lip Stain in No8. I love their true red, No1, so this new Summery pink will brighten up my weekends, and follow me into Autumn/Winter to keep me on the pastel pink trend that is coming our way again.




Most of my nearest and dearest will contest to me being a nail product addict. With the exception of today, my nails are always painted, so, me picking up a nail vanish was not surprise. In my ongoing quest for the perfect Nude and White nail varnishes, I picked up the Formula X Nail Varnish in Impeccable. This is more of a dark nude, so will be perfect for the tinny bit of tan I picked up whilst away.

Another must from the ‘Isle Of Doom” comes in the form of my favourite nail files and buffers. These little guys last a really long time, and give a perfect buff, shape and file. A bit of an over share, but they are great for taking back the length on your nails if you break one.

I hope you enjoyed my whistle stop trip around Sephora. I am hoping to be heading back to Portugal soon, so a more in-depth foodie tour will be following.

Have a great weekend everyone xXx

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