Summer Munching – Forever Faithful Lemonade

When Summer finally rolls around evenings, foods and even drinks get lighter. This time of year my pallet automatically starts to move towards zesty, fresh flavours, so Home Made Lemonade is on my radar as soon as the sun starts to shine.

Now, this is not just a passing affair, we have a long time thing going, and I have been know to still be reaching for it way into the depths of Winter. My formal excuse is that the vitamin C helps with fending off colds and the germs of the season, however, I truly just love the stuff.

As part of this long term love with this amazing beverage, we have had our ups and downs. I don’t wish to toot my own horn, but I think my lemonade is the best out there. I make it to the zesty-sweetness that I like, and no other seems to get it spot on. With that in mind, it use to take me a life time to make just 2 litres of the stuff, and that with me around lists about 2 minutes. I honestly thought my search for a quicker way to make my favourite tipple would be endless and I would be forever squeezing lemons by hand and hoping for the best…..well…..until now! Over our 10th Anniversary, The Boy took me to a bar in Covent Garden and I watched these amazing bartenders make a Mojito in a food processor. In my typical Nosey Lotz way, I bounced over to the bar, ordered one and asked them to make it slowly so I could see what was going on. Since then, I have adapted their amazing method to make the perfect Lemonade, every time, without fail….soo….lets get started…..

Ingredients: 4 Lemons, 1 litre of sparkling water, 130g caster sugar
You Will Need: A food processor, sharp knife, sieve and a large jug.

TIP: Just as a heads up, this makes just over 1 litre of Lemonade, but it is super easy to increase the quantity….just make sure you have a big enough jug!

Now, first things first, wash your lemons. Even if your lemons are unwaxed, you can still gat a waxy, preservative flavour from the skin if your fruit is not washed.

Top and tail your lemons to remove the ‘Nobbles’ at the end of the fruit, as this does not blend down and can discolour your finial beverage.

Cut the lemons into small chunks, so they are easy t process down. I like to spilt it down the middle, and cut each half into 4 pieces. This gives the best results, as you get more juice from the fruit.

Pop you fruit and sugar in your food processor and blend it down until it is like lumpy granita.


Once blended, sieve your pulp so the liquid runs into your jug. Make sure that you push the pulp through the sieve as much as possible to get the liquid through.


I like to leave it live this with a cloth over the top for about 15-20 minutes, squidging it about every 5 minutes or so. Please make sure you use the clot, or you will end up with all kinds of critters going for your lemonade before you can!


Once this is all strained through, discard the pulp and add your sparkling water to you lemon concentrate. Chill in the fridge for as long as you can.

To serve, I recommend filling your glass with ice and drowning it in your lemonade. This way it is super cold and refreshing for the summer heat.


So, now you have the basic recipe, you can go crazy with flavours!

For something fun on a picnic, I like to add crushed raspberry to the bottom of the jug to give it a fancy pick hue and a fruity twist. I have even been know to add in a bunch of fresh mint into the food processor with the lemons. This is perfect to serve at the end of a picnic, or in the mist of a BBQ to help with digestion.

If you are inclined to have a little something extra in your lemonade, I would recommend a quick slug of vodka in the bottom of each glass to give it an extra kick, or if you are going to crushed berries, I would recommend adding some Chambour to accompany the fruity flavour.

Well…I hope you all enjoyed my quick and easy lemonade recipe. I has never failed me, and I hope it treats you all well!! If you come up with some yummy never flavour combinations, let me know…..I am a sucker for this sort of thing!!

Have a great weekend xXx

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