One Dress Three Ways: The Summer Edition

Welcome back to One Dress Three Ways!!!

I have a feeling this post is very much over due!! The UK has not had the best or worst summer……its just had a few November like breaks in the middle.

On the days that have been Summer I have, as always, been reaching for my favourite multi tasking dress that sees me through.

As before, these looks always have the same dress as a base. I still can not explain how much I love this little guy….and as always, I have been wearing him way more than I would like to admit.

A Long Day At The Office:


Like with most offices, we have a temperature control issue. One minute its like living on the Sun, and other times its live being on Pluto, so you have to be prepared. This little outfit is perfect for those occasions. The super pointy shoes bring an office feel to the outfit, but are also good for popping into town in the sunshine, but the colourful cardigan keeps me warm, and add some fun.

Enjoying Down Time In The Sunshine:


So…..this dress is so great for summer, as it is very breathable and has no sleeves, making it easy to soak up the sun and not be a wet mess. So, the simpler the better. All I do with this dress is add a long line boho necklace and my rose gold sandals make me look like I have made a lot of effort, when I have just rolled out of bed and hopped for the best.

Summer Evening With Friends:


Summer evenings in the UK can be warm, so, for this outfit, I recommend keeping it super simple. A statement necklace and complementing shoes make give a great colour pop to this simple dress. Keeping it simple also gives me the chance to borrow The Boy’s jumper when it gets cooler!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this very brief walk through an even briefer Summer. The Autumn Edition is not far away, as the weather has been awful, so stay tuned.

Have a great weekend xXx

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