Summer Munching – The Round Up – 3 tips, 2 recipes and an Announcement

With the Bank holiday this weekend, I thought it was the perfect time to do the Summer Munching Round Up. A little post that gives you my tops tips and some quick recipes to make your Picnic, BBQ, Garden Party or Dinner Party go smoothly……

Tip 1:

Keep it simple guys! The more complicated and fiddly you make your menu, the more easily you will become flustered. Make what you know, or a recipe you can follow easily. I like to stick to big dishes you can serve family style. This keeps everyone happy and keeps you with your guests, and not in the kitchen.

Tip 2:

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation. This is the key to any dinner party success. I like to get as much done as possible before the event as possible. Even if I can only really get ice trays in the freezer, I like to feel like I am ahead of the game.

Tip 3:

Have Fun!! I know this sounds obvious but, so many times we get caught up in the kitchen making everything perfect when we should be spending time with your guests. So please make sure you make time to hang out with the people who came to see you!

So……with all of these tips in mind, I have 2 amazing quick canapés that you can make in advance, or the morning of you event so you can maximise your time with everyone!!

Two Super Cute Canapés:

Figs with Palma Ham:


All you need is 5 figs and a packet of Palma Ham.

Slice the figs into quarters, and wrap each piece in ham. Pop on a service plate, or in a tub and then into the fridge until you are ready to serve.


Mini Caprese Salad


For these little guys, all you need is Mozzarella Pearls, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil Leaves and some tooth picks.

Half your cherry tomatoes. Pop a mozzarella peal on top of your halved tomato.


Wrap your basil leaf around your stacked goodies and pierce with a tooth pick.


All you need to do is pop these in a tub or on a serving plate, and you are ready to go.


So……thank you all for reading my Summer munching Series. I hope you have all enjoyed it and maybe found some new treats to add to your arsenal.

Before I leave you all to your lovely long weekend, I would like to announce the next series that will be coming your way from mid September……..Breakfast Fest. Please look out for new yummy treat posts coming soon!!

Have a great weekend everyone xXx

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