August Favourites

The end of August has brought with is nothing but rain and a cold breeze…..which is fabulous in my eyes. Autumn, my favourite season, is fast approaching with its beautiful colours and crispness.

Through August I have managed to much my way through the Summer Munching series of receipts what feels like a million times over, and I could not have been happier or fuller!

The House of Lotz has been blessed with many guest to enjoy the fruits of this series, so I would like to thank you all for coming along for this Magical Munching tour.

So……with that kicking us off, let’s get into the things I have not been able to live without this month…..

In The Kitchen:


With all that mazing BBQ and picnic food being up for grabs coupled with a few very hot days, I have found myself wanting for something sweet and cold…..but I have been put off of ice cream a little bit as it can sit so heavy after all that food! Yogurt, as always has come to the rescue in the form a make-shift mousse. All you need is 3 parts yogurt, to 1 part Nutella or Chocolate spread of your choosing, mix well and…poof….as if by magic a yummy little treat that is a lot better for you than any ice cream. This can be bad a few days in advance of you needing if, if you would like to make it in batches…..and yes… can freeze it to make a frozen yogurt like dessert.

In The Bedroom:


This month I feel awful as I have been cheating on my favourite ASOS dress (as seen in 1 dress 3 ways) with this little shirt dress form H&M. Its super light, airy and perfect for most occasions. I have been wearing it to work a lot as our air conditioning is a bit temperamental in the office, as with most places! It dresses up well with a light cardigan and a chunky wedge, or dress it down with super flat sandals. On those ridiculously hot days, this has been my saviour! Sorry ASOS dress, I do love you really!!

In The Bathroom:


As with most beauty and blog junkies, I read a lot of blogs and watch a ridiculous amount of youtube. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed it, but there are a lot of tutorials and reviews on Body Brushing and its health benefits. Now, I am not one to jump on the band wagon of anything, but, I have really taken to this as a beauty treatment. Now I haven’t seen a reduction in cellulite or anything like that, but I have found that my skin is so much softer and in better condition than it has been in a long time!

This little step has slotted into my daily routine with minimal disruption to the rest of my day….or adding 100 years onto an already lengthy beauty routine.

The Living Room (a.k.a The House of Lotz Retreat and Spa):


The light, bright and breezy colours of summer have brought with is some new nail varnish choices popping up in The House of Lotz Retreat and Spa. I have fallen for the new Kiko nail varnishes, not only for their packaging, but there great colour pay off, despite picking such a light colour. This white is very light and creamy, but you can get a great shade on your nails in 2-3 coats depending on your preference. The great price point is just a handy little bonus!

The Portable House of Lotz (a.k.a My Handbag)


This month, as with every month, I find myself living out of my bag. The poor thing holds my entire life in it on any one occasion, so to find something as a new favourite is always a challenge. With the summer sunshine and burning the candle at both ends, my body is very good at telling me I need to take a break in the form of the corner of my lip turning blue. It is not life threatening in any way but it does look like I have been punched in the lip. In a bid to make this look better, but not apply a lot of makeup, I have been keeping my Charlotte Tibery Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk with me at all times. The “My Lips But Better” pencil has kept me looking normal, despite the tiredness.

Well….I hope you have all enjoyed the summer sunshine and my little round up of favourites. The coming Autumn and Winter seasons have a lot to bring to The house of Lotz, and I cant wait to share it all with you.

Have a great weekend xXx xXx

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