New Beginnings

The month of September has to be one of my favourites throughout the year. It is not just the point in the year that brings with it the cold air and the changing leaves. For so many of us it is a time for us to begin a new and embark on new challenges.

From an early age we see September as the start of the school year, and for some strange reason this has never left my mind. We start new schools, colleges, universities, jobs and make life changing decisions at this time of year, no matter how old we are.

I am very fortunate to have been to some wonderful schools and a fantastic university in my short life, both of these instilling in me a pride for the start of the new semester and the joy that comes with it.

At all of these points we can reinvent ourselves, no matter where we are in life and whether we make this change alone or with friends. So this week, I am bringing you some little ways we can change our lives, no matter how much you rock the boat.

A little quiver:

This is for those who want to dip their toe in the change stream, just to see what will happen. For this type of change I recommend focusing on a little change that will mean a lot to you and you alone. For me, that was changing the colour I use on my toes.


I was a red only girl for years, and then one day it clicked that this was not for me any more…..soon this rainbow appeared in my vanish rotation, and it made me feel like I had broken the cycle of keeping it safe. This little, inexpensive, change made a massive difference and it showed all over my face.

A gentle sway: 

This change I like to call ‘Making a conscious effort’. Pick something that you want to change, and work out how you can improve/change it in a way that makes you happy. It can be anything…, home, school, even in your car, it doesn’t matter. As long as you feel like you have shaken things up for you, thats all that matters. For me, this was taking a full lunch break.


Admittedly a small change, but sometimes we focus to hard on our work and forget about taking some time to recharge, even in the middle of the day. A medium sized change that has made a world of difference.

The Boat Rocker:

This final change takes a bit more effort than picking a new nail colour or a small project. For this you have to look deep down and find what you want to change about your life and the big picture. This can be a change in diet, exercise routine, a change in attitude, a change in job or even the way you organise your home.


These changes always feel like an up hill struggle at first, but before you know it, you are running down the other side with your life changes in your hand.

I can honestly say that I have done all of these in the last few years, and they really pay off in the long run. You find some pot wholes and difficulties along the way, but if you really stick at them, they will pay you back a thousand times over.

A word of advise to all those who want to get on this boat with me;

No matter what change you make, no matter what point of your life you are in, people will be resistant to your change. I have found very recently that we get put in little boxes by our friends, family, co-worker and class members saying ‘This is who you are because that is how you have always been’. This is not always true! We reinvent ourselves all the way through our lives, and if this is a change you want to make, then go for it. To coin a phrase from Adrien of Yoga with Adrien……’Find What Feels Good’……now just run with it!! xXx

Have a great weekend xXx

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