September Style Update

As I write this weeks post, I am sat in my little lunchtime haven pondering life’s big questions:

How can we fight world hunger?

Will there ever be an honest politician?

Why does people watching satisfy us so much?

Can this lunch break just be ten minutes longer?

Why do I read so many magazines?

This last one is the main point of the day………

Each August I painstakingly go through as many fashion magazines as I can get my little hands on. I read every article, advert, footnote and editors letter that this stack can give. I am even the crazy lady that will go and hunt for the American, French and Italian versions of these magazines so I can soak up as much of the Fashion New Year as possible.

I use this time in August to go through and pick out things that I am either going to invest in, or can restyle for the coming season.

So………lets get started on this Autumn’s top 5:

The Blanket Wrap:


This wrap is one of the long standing pieces in my wardrobe. It goes with everything and is super warm, so the perfect investment. I love to wear it with jeans and converse to stay warm over the weekends. If you need to stay warm at work or at a formal event, this wrap is equally perfect.

The Heritage Fabric:


This year across the runways, there has been a strong influx of what is defined as a Heritage Fabric. Something that looks vintage, is sturdy and wears well no matter what. This tweed jacket is one of those things. I brought this last year and I have loved and worn this little so much. Its another one of those dress up dress down items that I turn to when I have no idea what else to wear. I love this one for work as it has a good fit and looks professional, but it also looks great with a baggy shirt on a casual day,

The Chunky Knit:


With the cold weather coming, like most girls, I turn to cute chunky knit jumpers. With this, I have a love for Chanel. The fact that knitwear is all over the Chanel adverts for the coming season just makes this season even more amazing!! This little jumper is perfect for those days where it cold, and there is no energy to be had from anywhere! Its great with leggings on an off day, or skinny black work trousers and a white shirt for work. If you opt for white, you are also combining two trends: the knit wear and the winter white.

The Top Handled Bag:


As with most season the looks as split in so many ways, however, there are always ways to combine trends and styles. On the odd occasion, you get one accessory that can meet all your needs. This year, the top handled hand bag is just that. It meets the needs of the Lady Like and the Androgynous alike. They are chic, timeless and go with all times of the day and night looks you can put together. They are also practical, so you are not sacrificing space over style.

Red, Red and a bit more Red:


Since the launch of the Estee Lauder red campaign, the Versace Red Monochrome advertising series, and the Red Highlights of the Burberry scarf, Red has been gracing us with its presence. I must admit, the all red, or the red monochrome is a bit to much of a pop for me. This is the beauty of having your own style and the fashion world, you can make of it what you want. Red lipstick and red nail varnish never goes out of style, so this is the perfect way to embrace the trend without going out of your comfort zone!

I hope you have enjoyed my little fashion run down. Its just a brief wonder through the September issues of this year, but as always, there are so many other styles I could talk about…….however……I will save that for another day xXx

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