At The Breakfast Table – Carrot Cake Porridge

Hi Everyone!! Welcome to the new Food Series in The House of Lotz!!

Before I get started into this week’s recipe, I wanted to give you a little insight into where this little series has come from…..

I love breakfast time! I have often said that it is probably the most over looked time of the day to spend time with your friends, family, loved ones, or even yourself. It’s the time before we have to deal with anything the world has to throw at us. We can really truly connect with the moment, because we are still waking up.

This time of day can also be so versatile. It is not just something quick you are grabbing on the way to work.

So…….with all of that being said….lets get into today’s yummy breakfast treat!

Porridge is the corner stone of most peoples mornings. We love it on any type of morning, but during the Autumn, its really starts to come back into my everyday rotation. That being said, after a while, it can get a bit boring. In typical Lotz style, I ventured into the kitchen, and grabbed all the leftover ‘Bits’ from the fridge to make something new. In that one little rummage, the Carrot Cake Porridge was born:


Half a cup of porridge oats, half a grated carrot, 1 small grated apple, a small handful of raisins, 1 tsp cinnamon, 2 tsp sugar (optional) and 1 cup of boiling water.

You Will Need:

An oven proof bowl, a folk, 2 spoons to eat it with at the end.

As always in The House of Lotz, before you start anything, turn your oven on to full blast to pre-heat. You do not need it to make a good rise today, but, it makes the kitchen warm, and breakfast not so far away from you.

Pop your oats, raisins, water and cinnamon into your oven proof bowl and give them a quick stir with your folk.


Leave this little mixture to the side for about 10 minutes whilst you make your tea, coffee, juice whatever you need to start your day.

Now you have let your oats plump up, add in your carrot and apple. At this this stage you will need to mix really well, otherwise you get weird patches in your breakfast.


If you are a fan of the texture mix, sprinkle sugar on your porridge mix and pop it in the oven. If you are not a sugar person, just leave this part out, but still pop you mixture in the oven so you will get a crispy top.

Leave this little guy in the oven for 10 minutes….and that it! Breakfast is ready!!


This yummy combination of cake flavours with a simple breakfast staple, make for an extra special treat.

This little series will be in The House of Lotz until the end of November, so I hope that you enjoy these yummy treats up until the Christmas fun starts!

Have a great weekend xXx

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