September Favourites

Apparently I blinked and missed the month of September. All of a sudden we are already in October with Autumn in full swing.

I do not wish to keep gushing about the past month, but I have had so much fun watching the leaves change and the temperature make everything seem crisper.

So…..with all of that, lets get started:

In The Kitchen:


As always I am on the search for the perfect snack. This is a never ending search that will eventually drive me crazy……I am on a similar mission for the perfect white t shirt, but that is a story for another time. My most resent find for a yummy snack is roasted coconut chips. All you do is pop some oil and salt on some coconut flakes and bake them in the oven until golden. The are great as a handful of yummieness with the mid-afternoon tea break and can even be used on your porridge or ice cream.

In The Bedroom:


I am more than happy to admit that feet are not a fun thing….this is why I love shoes so much!! Anyway….as a result of my love of shoes I have killed my feet. This little whizz from Schol has been making my feet like new all month and I have never felt more bouncy or comfortable in my shoes. Combining this with the peppermint foot cream from The Body Shop has made my twice weekly pedicure a pleasure.

In The Bathroom:


I wear my earrings most days, and I feel that cleaning them can often get over looked. There are some great jewellery cleaners out there, but they only make your earrings shinny, but they are never truly clean. On the recommendation from a friend of mine, I gave Tea Tree oil to provide the best of both worlds. This oil combined with hot water brings out the shine in your earrings, but also makes them 100% clean.

The Living Room (a.k.a The House of Lotz Retreat and Spa):


The past week I have spent my oh too short lunch hours with my nose in ‘Yes Please’ by Any Poehler. What I picked up as a light read, I have been devouring it as quickly as I can. For any of you who have read this amazing book will know what I am talking about….it is an unexpected life changer. Ms Poehler has amazing advise on life, love and all the great things you have to deal with on this crazy journey that is life. I have learned 2 main things from Amy: 1) Doing the thing is the thing, and 2) Yes Please.

The Portable House of Lots (a.k.a My Handbag):

IMG_4779 DSC01446

As most of you may know….I might have possibly got a new tattoo at the beginning of this month. These same people will know my love for the Ray Bradbury novel ‘The Illustrated Man’ , so a new addition to my collection would come as no shock. As a result of Tattoo Number 5, I have been carrying around a pot of Zinc and Caster oil cream to use to help the healing. Any Mum’s out there will know that Zinc and Caster Oil cream is also used for nappy rash….I am pretty sure that these two things do not feel the same, but this cream sure does stop the post tattoo itch.

So, that was September’s little round up. What have you all been loving this month? Is there something I should give a try for next month?

Have a great weekend everyone xXx

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