One Dress Three Ways – Autumn Edition

Welcome to another edition of One Dress Three Ways:

As like most months, I have been living in my LBAD (Little Black Asos Dress) and as always it has served me well.

With Autumn you have to be prepared for a quick weather change that results in a swift wardrobe change in a matter of seconds. This seasons edition is all about layering and a quick change, to keep you warm, but never over heating.

WARNING: Despite the fact that it is super cold outside, I can not stand to wear tights!! This may be a random comparison, but, I take after my Dad in this way….he is not a sock person, and will be in shorts up until the snow starts to fall. We both have to same resistance to the cold, so bare legs all the way. However, I understand that people are not as odd as myself, so I am popping in some leg warming suggestions along the way.

A Day With Friends


For a day with the girls or a casual evening with The Boy, I love to keep everything super simple and cozy. I love to pair this staple piece with a slouchy cardigan and little boots. Mixing in the brown with the monochrome give you a great look with not a lot of effort. I would recommend opting for a chunky cardigan so you can drape it over your shoulders in a very chic fashion to stay warm. The boots also give you a little bit of lift, so if you need to, you can go onto the local pub or chic bar as needed.

For the normal legged among you: I would recommend opting for a thicker tight during the day. If you can get a fun pattern to colour to complement your cardigan, that will bring the outfit to life even more.

A Day in the Office

DSC01454  As always, the heating in my office has been going up and down more times than a carousel horse. So, I have, as always, been pairing my LBAD with a warm, but not too warm cardigan. Cardigans are an easy piece to use as work wear, as they can be taken off and put back on without smudging your make-up or accidentally flashing the boss.

This lovely little blush number is warm and chic. Its combines 2 of my favourite terns this season….Rose Tones and Lady Like Cuts. Adding a little lift with the heels just completes the look effortlessly.

For the tight wearers: I would recommend going for a sheer tight with a little bit of detail. I am a fan of tights with a bit of texture, so if you can get something with a light effect, or a seem down the back, or a bow, you are set for a beautiful complete outfit.

A Night Out on the Town:


Autumn nights out are amazing! The evenings draw in quickly which means you can wear all black all the time and it looks effortless. For this occasion I have layered this beautiful waterfall jacket over the top of my old faithful dress. This gives you a little movement, but also keeps you warm, and looking the part with minimal effort. Adding the flat pointy shoes keeps everything looking very feminine, but with a little bit of a edge.

If you need tights: completely sheer tight is perfect for the evening. It keeps everything sleek and put together.

I hope you all enjoyed the last seasonal edition of One Dress Three Ways! This is the penultimate edition for this year….there will be a Christmas Edition Coming in December, so keep an eye out all.

Have a great weekend everyone xXx

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