October Favourites

This months has been an odd one. It has gone quickly and slowly all at the same time. As with most people in the UK, work has been effected by the very spread out half terms this year, so things have been very much up and down. The colours of the season have made this up and down so much easier.

With these changing colours and chilly winds, a new kind of monthly favourites have been accumulated. So…..lets get started….

In The Kitchen:


So…..the UK has been in the throws of a very cool Autumn. The nights have drawn in and its taking longer and longer to get home at night. Since this seasonal shift, I have been relying on our trusty slow cooked to have breakfast, lunch and dinner ready for us when we get home. This little guy has made everything from porridge and soup, to curry and crumbles. All you need is a little bit of prep time and ‘taa daaaaaa’ warm and cozy treats!

In The Bedroom:


I am now going to say a Beauty Buzzword – Charlotte Tilbery…….I know, I know, everyone talks about her products and raves about them. I do it all the time…..but….her products are honestly amazing! This eyeshadow palette is no different to any of the hype. The Dolce Vita palette is versatile and can be used to create a million different looks for day and night.

In The Bathroom:


As we get further and further into the cold months I find that my hair gets very dry and crispy. This time of year, I move away from my usual TRESemme duo and move toward the more nourishing OGX Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner. These products combined with ‘Revers Washing’ my hair (ie conditioner then washing with the matching shampoo) have made my hair soft and silky, with no need of styling product.

The Living Room (a.k.a The House of Lotz Retreat and Spa):


This area of The House of Lotz has taken a spooky turn in an effort to be more seasonal before Christmas takes over. So, our very chilled spa-like living room has been taken over by scary pumpkins. I love to carve these scary faces every year, so to have this face stare at me every night until Halloween has come and gone.

The Portable House of Lotz (a.k.a My Handbag):


This month I have re-kindled my love for me beautiful bag. This is in no way showing off at all! My Louis Vuitton Speedy is my pride and joy. I worked very hard for this little guy, and over the past 5 years I have definitely got my moneys worth out of him, having used him nearly every day! This month, as I have been opting for a darked clothing pallet, this pop of beautiful brightness has been a great boost to all my outfits.

I hope you enjoyed this months round up. The next month I will be brining some new and exiting things, and releasing a little surprise at the end of the month…..heheheh xXx

Have a great weekend xXx

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