Autumn Lipstick and Nail Varnish Picks

This time of year is the best time for lipsticks and nail vanishes dropping a few shades darker. As the nights get darker, colder and longer I like my colour choices tend to go in the same direction.

So……lets have a look at what has been living in my makeup bag and nail varnish corner this month…….

Naughty Nudes:

The classic nude will never go out of style. They are great for day, night and everything between, either on your lips or on your nails. During the colder months, I try to opt for a darker nude. Something that can be a little more purple/brown toned to help me not look so grey, but also manages to go with most outfits. These shades are great for the very busy or unlucky among us who find that do not have time to touch up their chosen looks over time. Nude lips will be given a little purple hint, whilst nails will not show a chip.


Lips: Revlon Colourburst in Sultry Sulfureuse – a matte textured crayon with great staying power and applies like a dream.

Nails: Nails Inc Gel Effect in Uptown – a super glossy finish that will last you a good 2-3 days without chipping or looking dull.

Natural Neutral:

A series of shades and colours that are often over looked in my nail and lip collection, this time of year, I find myself reaching for them more than usual. This is normally because I have a jam packed week with about 50 outfit changes and very little time to switch up anything in my makeup bag or on my hands. These shades are better for the day time, as they are great for a quick grab and go. The nail shades are also great for the office as they do not leave dark/coloured streaks on paper.


Lips: Dior Addict Lip Glow – this balm reacts to your skin and changes to the perfect blushed pink for you. It is a natural, mirror free shade that gives you added moisture throughout the day.

Nails: Essie Take it Outside – a simple chic grey that can be used for every day of the week, no fuss needed.

After Dark:

This season brings with it the giant sigh of relief…….Dark lips are back in circulation in The House of Lotz!! Dark purples and browns are my go to colours for everything this time of year. Nails, Lips, shoes…..I might even have stretched this to my hair some years….

Darks are a great way to pop some seasonal luxury into you day to day, be it in the form of a great statement lip, or nail varnish….either way, the darker the better. These little guys need a bit more upkeep, but it s 100% worth it.


Lips: Nars Charlotte – Ok…I know, shameless plug, but there was no way this lipstick was not going in my collection….even if it was bright green!! Lucky for me, the beautiful plummy shade has found its way into my regular rotation.

Nails: Essie Wicked – as with all Essie products, this has great colour pay off, and great staying power. The only down side…….one little chip can reck the look in seconds, so a great top coat is needed! Any good Gel Effect top coat will do.

Ravishing Reds:

Red is such a statement colour, yet is seems to go with most occasions with minimal effort. On your nails it brings a chic pulled together look. On the lips, it allows you to walk out the door with no further makeup needed.

This time of year I opt for a rich dark shade that makes for a perfect accompaniment to any time of day.


Lips: Chanel La Bouleversante is a gorgeous matte shade that never fails to make me smile. Its a dark shade that makes even the dullest of days bright with colour.

Nails: Essie Dress to Kill is a dark shade that goes very well with the this great lip colour. Paired with a matte effect top coat, or a high shine gel effect, this colour looks perfect day or night.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my little seasonal run down. Watch this space for the Christmas list coming your way soon!

Have a great weekend xXx

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