At The Breakfast Table – Drinks All Around

Over the last few weeks I have been taking my own advise. The Boy and I have been on many a breakfast date and it has been wonderful, relaxing and quiet. We have also been very lucky to go away for a few days and even then, in our own little woodland apartment, we have enjoyed a breakfast moment.

With all of the amazing food choices gracing menus and my own kitchen, I have found myself pondering beverage options more than usual.

Today I want to talk to you about some of the meal time, or any time, stars……So…Cups at the ready please….


An English Classic. Us Brits seem to leave our civilised ways behind if our tea is not made just right or even worse….there is non around. As with most things, we have been given many options with this amazing beverage, so here is my top 3 in no particular order….

Classic Black Tea:


The men in my life are fuelled by a combination of a fondness for Formula One Racing, Wrestling and Yorkshire Tea. They both have gallon mugs that are needed every morning (afternoon and evening) all in an effort to handle my nonsense……I have learned that this is made and enjoyed one way; Hot, Strong and with a dash of milk.



A beautiful spicy blend is perfect for starting the day. This Twinings Bollywood Chai great with a touch of milk and a dash of sugar to even out the heat.

Green Tea:


For the health conscious amongst us, green tea is a great way to get a caffeine boost and kick start your metabolism with all its anti-oxidant goodness. A personal favourite is this Twinings Green Tea tea with Ginger Bread. A great kickstart to the day.


A.K.A The House of Lots life giving juice. I am useless without coffee. I am currently writing this with a mug of my favourite creation: double espresso with warm almond milk. A kind of ‘Do It Yourself Latte’. Coffee takes many forms but these are my go too…



In my eyes, the only way to make coffee. On the stove, slowly and enjoyed fresh. This way of making coffee comes from the ancients, and remains integral for the daily movement of every Italian I know. Your ground beans are the most important of this process. Find a good bean and grind….you are set for life.

French Press:


A quicker and less monitored way to make your coffee. French press relies on you steeping your ground beans for long enough, as well as not adding to much to the press. I like my coffee strong-ish. You should not be able to see your hand through the glass before you push the plunger!



Sometimes life throws you 2 seconds to make a quick coffee for the road, so….instant is a keepsake saved for this time. The only instant worth mentioning is this instant espresso. 2 tsps is the equivalent of a double shot. Add hot water, milk sugar/syrup and poof…as if by magic, there is coffee.

Hiding in the depths of The House of Lotz arsenal is a 3rd category of breakfast beverage. This place is called “I’m sick and need help!’

Water with Lemon:


now, this can be served hot or cold, but the principle is still the same. This wakes you up, puts a spring in your step, and starts to give some grief to any germs thanks to the vitamin C.

So…..I hope you all enjoy your breakfast beverage when you next get the chance! These can be enjoyed any time of the day, so enjoy your break…..morning, noon or night xXx

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