One Dress Three Ways – The Christmas Edition

The Christmas period is fast approaching us (yaaaay), and with it comes a quick influx of social engagements to attend. Every year when the invitations start coming in, I often think how I am going to get out of these in one piece, alive and without spending a fortune on clothes and matching accessories. As always, my Little Black ASOS Dress has come to the rescue!

So….with the dress already chosen, accessories are next on the list. For this side of the outfit choice, I have called upon my wonderful friend, fellow blogger and Jewellery Maker; Briana. The amazing master mind behind BeeBiju has furnished this post with beautiful jewellery and has taken some wonderful pictures for this post….so Mrs Briana…..please stand up and soak in the applause. She made it very hard for me to pick the pieces I wanted to use in this post, as everything is beautiful and apparently “Charlotte…you can’t wear 10 sets of earrings, you don’t have enough space”….well….not through lack of trying!!

So….lets get into 3 ways to style this always faithful dress, for 3 occasions, with a selection of jewellery from one of my favourite people…..

Casual Christmas at Home:

A day spent with the family, friends, food and festive spirit. This is my favourite way to spend Christmas Day, or any day for that matter. For hanging out with the lovely bunch of people, I like to keep it all simple and pair this fail safe dress with a festive jumper. Something warm that you can wear on a walk, but something soft and stretchy that means you can eat as much as you want without bursting your dress.


To go with this jumper, Briana has made these beautiful Red and Green Pearl earrings. These are light, simple, chic and complement this jumper excellently. These will be coming with me into the new year, as they go beautifully with a statement lip.

The Work Christmas Party:

There are few things we can be certain of in life, but one of them is that the work Christmas Party will have bad food, drunken office mates and culminate in rumours being spread about who went home with who….So… can rise above all of this with a fantastic outfit and accessories.


For this I have added my trusty soft grey cardigan. This is light, small and washes very well, just in case you co-workers get a bit overzealous with the red wine. With this, Briana has a simple statement necklace (yes that is an oxymoron, but its the only way I can describe this amazing piece) made of silver and amethyst. These tinny crystals are suspended on clear wire so they appear to float against the skin. The beautiful earrings bring some movement to the look, but they are also simple so they do not over power the small jewellery wearers amongst us.

A Formal New Years Eve:

New Years Eve……it marks the end and the beginning all at once, so what better time to go out with a formal flourish.


To complete this years One Dress 3 ways, I am sending this faithful friend off in style with a shall and simple bracelet. Briana has made the beautifully simple and chic bracelet. The white ribbon and silver hardware complete any outfit, and give it some sparkle in a subtle way. I have taken this outfit a step further by matching my shoes to the silver hardware and clutch to the white ribbon.

So… endeth the One Dress Three Ways series for this year.

I would like to send a massive Thank You to Mrs Briana for the allowing me to use her beautiful jewellery in this post. I have linked her shop throughout the post so you are able to shop the looks and check out her blog, Facebook and Twitter, which is filled with tutorials, advise and is generally a must read.

Next Year, I will be making a regular example of another clothing item….so…..please list any suggestions down below……

Have a great weekend lovelies xXx

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sally says:

    Beautiful jewellery and your style great as usual xx Can you do one about nails please?


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