A Very Late November Favourites

Well, this post is a very late one I’m afraid guys, and on such a random day!!

Thank you all for being so understanding over the last 2 weeks. I  had a family emergency to attend to, and that had to come first. Everything is settling down, I think…..fingers crossed.

This month, as always, is a random mix of things I have loved and used……so, lets get started!


In The Kitchen:

This month has seen the start of the true cold snap. In The House of Lotz, this means that all the candles in the living room are lit to avoid turning the heater on after its long slumber and tea is consumed in large quantities. As a result of all this tea drinking…Our kettle decided to give up on us. So, off to the nearest shop we went and this little guy came home with us.


The very fancy Russell Hobbs kettle with Brita filter. This really does make a very clear cup of tea, and it has resulted in me using my glass cups way to much!! It boils quickly and even matches the rest of our kitchen appliances…..I promise this was not on purpose….the joys of a lucky guess!!


In The Bedroom:

Keeping with the theme of being cold….this month I have been rekindling my love of my heated wheat bag. These guys are great if you feel the cold because they stay hot for a lot longer than your average hot water bottle.


They also have the added bonus of smelling like lavender and can be used on any aches and pains you may have…..mine has been living on my neck for as long as I can remember.


In The Bathroom:

“Hi, my name is Lotz and I am a Jo Malone-aholic”. There I said it…..I just can’t help myself. Peony and Blushed Suede is one of my most favourite fragrances…..I think I have it in every form it comes in…..This month I have been thoroughly enjoying the new Shower Oil.


This amazing Oil is soft, silky and really hydrates the skin, which is prefect for this time of year. There is, however, the added bonus of a great lingering fragrance that makes me happy all day!! Hehe xXx


In The Living Room (aka The House of Lotz Retreat and Spa):

The world stopped this month because the new Janet Evanovich book came out. Stephanie Plum made her amazing return in “Tricky Twenty-Two” and I could not have read it fast enough. The Retreat and Spa has been a very quiet, occasionally being disrupted by fits of giggle and the occasional gasp.


If any of you like a good Sleuth, Crime, Comedy, Bounty Hunter mix, I would 100% recommend these books. You can pick up from virtually anywhere in the series. I originally got into her books with “To The Nines”, and I was immediately hooked!! If you are interested in these books, I would only recommend not starting at “Two for the Money”, as the first and second book in the series are linked.


In The Portable House of Lotz (aka My Handbag):

This month I may have possibly treated myself to a new little friend to live in my faithful Louis Vuitton bag.


This beautiful makeup pouch has been a god send this month! It keeps everything I need, plus room for more. There is also an extra added bonus with little pouch….it has a little pocket on the inside that is perfect for keeping a little mirror in.


I just wanted so say another massive thank you to you all for being so understanding about the last 2 weeks. xXx

Now…..Important things……Christmas in The House of Lotz starts on Saturday with a great little post about Christmas Decorations. xXx

Have a great week lovelies xXx

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