Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year……”

Aaaaah the songs are all correct. It’s Christmas and I could not be happier!! I love this time of year. It makes everything feel that bit more magical and the bad days less dark. Despite the fact that it is as black as night at around 4pm.

Anyway….today I wanted to talk to you about Christmas trees and decorations. I know this might appear a bit late, but I know some people who have not put them up yet. Teams in my office have only just put their decorations up on their desks. Just for the record, if I had my way, they would have been up on the first, and I would not have accepted any of this ‘its too early” (said in a very winey voice) nonsense.

I have noticed over the years that when people start to decorate for Christmas, they fall into one of the following 4 categories:

The People With a Theme: “Red and Gold decorations Only Please”

The Traditional Decorator: “Bangles, Baubles and Bright Shinny Beads”

The Kids Will Love This: “Disney, Shinny, Lights, Music…EVERYTHING”

The I Can’t Be Bothereds: “Christmas…baaah humbug”

I fall somewhere in the middle of The Traditional and The Themed decorator. My tree follows the same rough plan every year, and I abide by the following rules: 1) No tinsel! EVER!! I have a deep seeded hate of the stuff, so, it is not allowed within a 1 meter radius of me. 2) Neon, Pink and Blue are a no no…..there is however one exception to this rule. “Baby’s first Christmas” decorations always come in these colours. These are acceptable. Admittedly these are not on my tree, but just in case someone mentions these little gems.

So…..today I wanted to talk you through my foolproof tree decorating routine that I rely on every year…..lets get started:

Tree First:

It does not matter if you have a 2 foot, 6 foot 20 foot tree. If it is a real or artificial. No matter which you have, you have to make sure this is put in the perfect spot in your home first.


I would recommend somewhere near a window if you can. That way you can have the sunshine all day, and the reflections of the lights in the dark window at night.

Lights Next:

These are always tricky, as I am very much like my Dad…I like all the lights, in all the colours, however, we only have one tree, so decisions have to be made. As our last set of lights gave up on us last year, I invested in these golden lights from my local garden centre in the sale.


To make setting up the lights easier, I like to unravel them, plug them in and start trimming from the bottom of the tree upwards.

Your Tree Topper:

This is pretty obvious…..Fairy, Angel, Star, Santa, whatever you choose. I am a star person, so I like to make sure the lights hit the bottom of the star so it looks like it is lit from within. Whatever topper you have, if there is glitter, you need a light under it!!

Your Next Layer:

Be it tinsel, beads, ribbons, this layer should always go before the other decorations.


This stops everything getting tangled, and allows you to fill as much space as you need without creating a cluttered tree.


I love baubles! This is the underlying theme to my tree. They make me so happy and look so traditional. I like to space these evenly throughout the tree, making sure that I get a great mix of colours, shapes and sizes.


Any baubles that are left over, or too heavy to go on the tree, I like to put them on a Christmasy tray and popped in front of the fire. That way they are out on display and catch the light in the evening.


I have applied these same steps to our team Christmas tree in the office….all 12 inches of it….and they work just as well.


So…I hope you have enjoyed this little Christmas Tree post…….I’m hoping this has brought you all a little spot of Christmas Spirit.

As a special bonus for the coming week, a new post will be going live at 1pm (GMT) on Wednesday. This is my little way of catching up for being Missing in Action the last few weeks.

Have a great weekend lovelies xXx Happy Tree Trimming xXx

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