Christmas Nail Colours

In the middle of the Little Black Dress season, I have been finding my focus going to my nails for something a bit more seasonal. I am awful for changing my nail colour at every available opportunity, but for some reason, this festive period I have been having the same nail looks on rotation. These colours and polish selections are long lasting with great colour pay off and go with everything, so I have not had much need to switch my colours around to suit the occasion.

So… are my top 5 Christmas Every Occasion Nail Looks to take you from Family, to Work, to Out on the town….and beyond!

The Nude:

Nude Nails….this is a resent phenomenon that has taken the beauty world by storm over the last year or so. I might be showing my age, but does anyone else remember the days where Vogue, In Style and the their respective peers told us to mix our foundation or setting powders with clear polish for the prefect nude?? No?….Just me who is 105 years old…..? To keep up with the times, I have tired what feels like a thousand nail colours, and this one is by far the best for the Christmas Season:


OPI’s “Barre My Soul” is a gorgeous rose flushed nude that makes for a prefect all day every day manicure. The pinky hue has proven to lengthen the look of the fingers as well as lasting for days. The lightness of this shade also hides any chips and scuffs that may occur whilst wrapping presents.

The Red:

It would not be a House of Lotz nail post without a red would it? Red is my go to colour, no matter what the occasion or season….however….this particular red is reserved just for Christmas. OPI’s “An Affair in Red Square” is one of my long time loves….I might even go as far to say that it is my holy Grail Nail Polish.


In just one stroke you have a great great colour to just run out the door with. If you have the extra time, 2-3 coats in total should give you a manicure that will last about a week. There is a slight shimmer to this beautiful shade, so it really sticks to your nails like glue.

OPI reds are great as even without a base coat, they do not stain your nails.

The Dark Berry:

I feel like dark berry shades get specifically allocated to the Autumn months, then they are ignored for the rest of the year….Sad Times!! I think, as a polish colour category, they care great for any time of year, but I do especially love them at Christmas time. The look beautiful with every outfit and give a real warmth to your overall look. They are especially lovely on the toes when worn with a peep-toe or strappy heel.


Essie’s “Luxedo” is no exception. This berry shade is so dark it can be mistaken for black if only glanced at quickly. This one colour will see you through a few days at work, as it does not scuff or chip like other similar shades.

The Metallic:

No nail polish arsenal is complete without a good metallic. It does not have to be a bright gold or silver affair anymore. The isles of Boots and Superdrug are filled with some amazing metallic options that will suite all skin tones and nail preferences.


As my skin is so pale, I like to warm it up with this beautiful Copper shade from Sally Hanson. “Pennies for Heaven” works as a full manicure and as the odd accent nail, just in case a Full Metal Mani is not you cup of tea.

The Game Changer:

Ok….so….I have a fair few guilty pleasures and white nail varnish is one of them. The more it looks like Tipex on my nails, the better. Christmas and the Summer are the two occasions that I like to crack this colour out to make the most of the limited time it is acceptable in public.


Essie’s “Blanc” is a current favourite of mine, as you can get a good solid white finish in just 2 coats…..for the white nail lover, this is amazing as some brands can take up to 5 coats to be streak free. To make this look even more festive, I like to add in some glitter. Essie has brought out its new festive tinsel collection and I can not get enough of it. Pop a quick coat of “Tassel Shaker” over “Blanc” to get a festive hit straight away. This also helps your nail varnish last longer, as we all know, glitter is impossible to remove!!

I hope you have all enjoyed my little Christmas Manicure ideas. This mix of shades should see you through the rest of the holiday period….Chip Free!!!

See you all again Saturday for my Christmas Lipstick picks that will keep you looking kissable, without leaving a smudge!

Have a great weekend xXx

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