Christmas Lipstick Picks – Mistletoe and Mince Pie Proof!

Christmas is a time for Joy, Love, Spreading Good Cheer and Eating….. well, that is what it is like in The House of Lotz.

With all of this Joy, Love and Food, comes a girls worst nightmare…..lipstick! This time of year it runs the risk of wandering half way down your face, ending up on your teeth or being left on the person you have met under the mistletoe. All of these are problems that you have to think about before making your lipstick selection.

There are a few routes you can go down: Go Nude, Tint Me or the Super Duper Glue Bold Lip.

Here are my top picks for all of these lovely lip looks that work so well in the festive season.

Go Nude:

Now, I know am just repeating myself but, I can not stop raving about this nude! The Kiko Retractable Lip Pencil in 502 is the best nude I have ever used. It does not budge all day! I have even gone so far as to use BioDerma to get the darn thing off at the end of the day.


This matte lip pencil is a great shade that can be used as a base of a gloss if you wish to add a bit of shine. Be warned, if you do add something to the top, it will start to come off, but you will be left with a light stain.

Tint Me:

If you want to opt for a little bit of colour, but still do not want to think about reapplication or getting lipstick on year teeth…..look no further than the Clinque Chubby Sticks.

These little guys are really hydrating tinted balm that can be applied very precisely on the lips. Like most, I have tried my fair share of tinted balms and been disappointed, but these are the exception to the rule. Your lips will be hydrated for hours, and you will still be graced with a tint all the way through the day or night.


My personal favourites are: “Voluptuous Violet”, a plummy shade that really brightens the face, and “Chunky Cherry”, that gives you a red shine without having to worry about leaving a red lip mark on ur wine glass.

Super Duper Glue Bold Lip:

I sure you have all noticed that I love a statement lip! Feeling Great; add a bold lip, Feeling Pants; add a bold lip, It’s the Christmas Party Season; add a bold lip!

This time of year with all the food to much and drinks to be sipped, my bold lip option comes in super Glue format….well Liquid Lipsticks really.

I have tired so may different types of liquid lipsticks, as I’m a sucker for anything that claims to last all day. Many brands later, I have found that Sephora and Anastasia Beverly Hills top the list. They have a great matte finish and will last all the way through a 3 course meal, drinks, and a good night kiss.


My favourites for this time of year are Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain in “01 – Always Red”, a true red that never fails, and Anastasia Beverly Hills in Sad Girl, a plump purple that has a tiny bit of shimmer to bring some brightness.

I hope you all enjoyed this Christmas Lip Menu. Now….go out there and drink all the drinks and kiss all the cheeks xXx

Have a great weekend lovelies xXx

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