Happy New Year – Time to Talk Resolutions!

New Years Resolutions…they are funny little things! We make them every year and by the 6th we have fallen off the wagon and have to start again.

We resolve to: Loose Weight

                        Read More

                        Be More Organised

                        Eat More Vegetables

                        Eat Less Junk food….

Don’t they all seem so negative and so specific? We put so many “Don’ts” “Do’s” and “Stop’s” over the New Year. We get right into the smallest details and forget about the bigger picture and how all these little things will make us feel over the coming year.

Why Do We Make Resolutions?


Over resent years I have found myself sitting down with my resolution list at the end of December and ticking off the things I haven’t done and bringing them over to the next year….this is not the way to go….and I ignore them for another year……So…..this year I am trying something a little different.

This year I have turned this on its head and have picked out the things I have done this year that I want to do more of next year.

Resolution Groups:

Like with most things in life, we make resolutions in groups……we try to improve our lives in all areas: The Way We Look, The Power/Money Struggle and Spiritual Growth.

I will travel more, I will work out more, I will save money, I will loose weight….this covers all areas and the things we like to think we can control and make better.


We get into the little details after that: I will loose 2 stone, I will work out 3 times a week, I will travel to Mars and Jupiter before the end of the year. Its hard to fit all of this in to only 365 days…..so…..this year I have chosen to be a little bit more vague so I can cover more ground, and not feel guilty at the end of the year because I have missed the mark my a hair.

So…this year, my little list consists of 4 resolutions:

Spend more time on the things I enjoy

To Invest in Me

To Not Waist Anything

Try New Things

These 4 things covers so many aspects of life and what I want to achieve in the following 365 days.

So…..here is to the following year and to all the things we can achieve. May the following year bring you joy, love and happiness in all things you desire.

May we resolve to spend more time together in the following year. I look forward to spending a lot of time with you all in the next year and I hope you enjoy your time as a guest in The House of Lotz xXx love and hugs xXx

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