Craft Swap

Last week was a great week for reflection for all of us. It was the start of the new year and we all wanted to make our mark on the new season by making our New Years Resolutions. When the time comes to get them moving, i find that we all start to hide away and make excuses…..any way….me rambling on….If you really want to see my notes on the new year just give this little guy a click….New Years Resolutions.

In a bid to keep up with my own resolutions, I have called upon the help of the wonderful creative mind behind BeeBiju and Bee’s Creations…..Mrs Briana! As you saw from our last collaboration (1 Dress 3 Ways – Christmas Edition and  Briana’s 3 Jewellery Pieces, 1 Dress) she makes the most amazing hand crafted jewellery and agreed to let me play with her stash of goodies. In exchange for this play time, I brought over some of my own toys and ideas for her to create a tasty treat to share with her family and friends….we have called with little adventure our Craft Swap….so…lets get started….

Making Jewellery with Mrs Briana:

Lets get the gushing and a bit of background out of the way….Briana and I know each other from our days jobs originally. She has trained me in many many things for this job and she has to be one of the most calm and patient people I know. As a result of this calm nature, she is an amazing teacher no matter what she is showing you.

As she knows I am a massive kid a heart, she picked out a super fun technique called Coiling for me to try. This technique is explained in better detail on her Blog, but, it is really fun and therapeutic!! You wrap you desired wire around the required part for the Coiling Gizmo and just keep turning. Its great fun! If she had given me a 50 meter length of wire, I really do think I would have sat there all night, its great fun!!

She showed me how to coil an already made coil to make this beautiful double spiral effect.

Once all completed, she showed me how to assemble my beautiful earnings….I can only take credit for one of the, as the Master Mrs Briana completed the other for demo purposes.


She is thinking of starting to teach some beginners jewellery courses so I would like you all to go over to her blog and harass her accordingly to get started with them! Her teaching style is relaxed and super fun….so please please please Mrs B…..get to it!!

Mrs Briana makes Sugar Cookies:

So….I know I said I was a massive kid…but…after seeing Mrs Briana with a pipping bag, I’m starting to think she is as bad as I am!!

As she has not made cookies before, i started her off with my super simple Sugar Cookie Recipe…….hear is what she got up too…step by step….

Your Will Need:

100g Stork, 140g Caster Sugar, 1/4 tsp vanilla extract, 1/2 beaten egg, 200f Flour, 1/4 tsp cream of tartar, 200g Melted Chocolate

Equipment List:

Baking trays

Baking Parchment

Rolling Pin

Large Bowl

Spatula or Hand Held Mixer

Cookie Cutters of your choice

Pipping Bags

Microwave proof bowl to melt your chocolate


First things first……as always, turn your oven up to hull heat to get it nice and hot

Cream together your butter, sugar and vanilla using a spatula or hand held mixer.


Add your egg and mix well, being careful not to over work the mixture as it may split.


Add in your flour and cream of tartar. Mix well until everything is combined. Your dough should be light and easy to handle


Sprinkle icing sugar over a clean work and over your rolling pin.

Place the dough on the sugared surface and use the rolling pin to roll out your dough.

Roll you dough out roughly 5mm thick. This does not have to be accurate…’s just a good thickness so your cookie has a good snap 🙂

Cut out your cookies shapes using your cookie cutters. To make cutting a little easier, pop the sharp edge into some icing sugar so the cookie slides out easily.

Line your trays with baking parchment.

Place your beautifully cut cookies onto the tray about 1-2cms apart…….this is just in case the grow and want to make one big cookie mass….this can be good, but when you have spent so long cutting them out…it’s not the wisest move!!


Pop your trays in the oven and drop it down to 170 degrees and leave your cookies for 10 minutes to bake.

After 10 minutes, check on your little treasures….if they are golden in colour, its time to get them out. If they are not quite the right gold….leave them in for 2 more minutes. Should they need longer after that, check them in 2 minutes intervals.

Whilst your cookies are cooling, its time to melt the chocolate!! Break up the chocolate into a microwave proof bowl, jug or put. Pop the microwave on high and melt the chocolate in 30 second bursts. When it is all shinny and glossy….you are ready to pipe it on your cookies.

This is the fun part……..just snip the tip on the bag and go nuts!!!!


Leave the chocolate to set and then enjoy with a cup of tea!

DO NOT PUT THESE IN THE FRIDGE!! The chocolate with go milky and weird…its not pretty!

These little guys will last about 2-4 days in a sealed container….if you don’t eat them all first!!

What is is really like to try something new??

Well….making jewellery is something i have never done before. It brings together my love of tiny fine details and shiny things. I had a wonderful guide to show me the way, so I only have positive things to say!

At first I thought it would be super hard and that I would never get the hand of it…..but…with Briana’s detailed step by step guide I did not need to fear.

This is something I am super up for doing again….lets just see I can tempt Mrs Briana to try another recipe from my arsenal as a trade??

Have a great weekend everyone!! Go out there and try something new xXx hugs and love xXx

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