1 Shirt 3 Ways – The Winter Edit

This time last year, I showed you an insight into my wardrobe and revealed a little secret about myself…..I wear the same thing all the darn time! From this came my little series 1 dress 3 ways……The days that I am not wearing my dear faithful friend, you will find me in my own personal ‘Eleanor’ (for all you “Gone in 60 Seconds” fans, you will know exactly what i mean). ….The White T-shirt

The White T-Shirt is the best basic piece that everyone should have. In my eyes, they can be worn at every occasion, as long as they are styled properly to continue the event’s tone. There is only one problem with this amazing wardrobe staple….I still have not found the perfect one!!

Over the last 9 years or so, I have brought, returned, tried on and coveted upwards of 200 white t’s……to date, only one comes close. This is the one I want to show to you all over the coming year in this new feature….1 Shirt 3 Ways.

As with last year and that ever faithful dress, I will be showing 3 ways I wear this item over the seasons…so….lets hit the ground running and get straight into winter…….its far to cold to be in just a t-shirt!!

The T-Shirt Of Choice:


Under the spotlight this year is the Marks and Spencer Basic White V-neck T-shirt. This little guy comes in some amazing colours, neck lines and sleeve lengths….and they are all beautiful. They are also nearly always on a promotional deal so if white is not your colour, fear not! M&S as always, has you covered.

A Casual Day:

Weekends in the winter are for only a few things in The House of Lotz….sleeping on the sofa in front of the TV and catching up with friends over coffee, lunch or a glass of wine, so I have kept this outfit super laid back and chilled….


Pairing an ever faithful White T with boyfriend jeans is a great way to keep warm and stay comfortable in the winter months. To make this even more cozy, I have added in my super fluffy grey cardigan. Perfect if you are sat in any of the pubs in my local town, as they always have a draft!!

Now, you can go in 2 directions with the shoes…..boots if it super super cold or comfy trainers if its just cold-ish…..today its not freezing so the Bright Red Converse had to make an outing. This gives a nice pop of colour to a simple casual outfit.

A Day in The Office:

So…..as with most offices, the one I am in for the 9 to 5 can not make up its mind on what temperature to be….one minute its baking hot and the next I feel like an iceberg!


To accommodate both these temperatures I have opted for a monochrome look to make life easy. Pairing my chic white T with my black and white skirt and black longline cardigan keeps me warm, but looking office appropriate should I need to strip off at any time. This cardigan also doubles up as a blanket when needed! As this super cute skirt has a double slit and is a midi length, I have added in some hight with some simple black heels.

Out For The Night:

A very wise man once said “You Can Never Be Overdress or Overeducated”. Dear Oscar Wilde was very right on both counts…..now…..a lot of people may think that the White T-shirt has no place in a formal setting at any time of day, let alone in the evening. I often find I am that girl at the dinner or out for drinks who is over dressed for the occasion…..this evening appropriate outfit is no exception.


By pairing my simple white t-shirt with tailored black trousers, white jacket and statement necklace, I feel a touch of the Victor-Victoria androgyny going on….which I love! Adding in this great pair of heeled loafers really mixes up the look well. In this I can go from dinner to drinks to the walk of shame breakfast without breaking my stride. Adding in a statement lip and chic clutch just brings everything together.

So….as you can see, this T-shirt is on my back more times than it is in the wash in one week……this has resulted in me having 3 of them on rotation!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this little insight to another wardrobe staple of mine!

What do you guys pair your white t-shirts with?

What is your go to staple piece for winter? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone! If you find a good white t-shirt…let me know!!

Hugs and Love xXx

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