January Favourites

So……I am going to sound incredibly generic now but…..Where the heck did January go?? It really does feel like I have just packed away the Christmas decorations and set my New Year Goals…….all of a sudden Mrs B of BeeBiju is talking to me about her Valentine’s collection (please keep an eye out on Etsy, the pieces she has in the works are beautiful).

This past month has been filled with cold spells, rain and a lot of time spent organising my life. Getting back on track after the Festive Season has been tough this year!

Anyway…..let’s get started with all the things that have been keeping me going over the last month….

In The Kitchen:

So….I recently had my heath check with my Doctor and I was told that my HDL (or good) cholesterol was on the low side and I needed to start getting it back up to the correct levels…..this to most means eating Fish, Nuts, Whole Grains and Avocados…..for me this means missing out the fish and trying to fit the Nuts and Whole Grains into a diet that has them sprinkled rather liberally through it anyway. This month I have really tested my limits by adding Avocado into my diet….for me…this fruit should only me used for eye cream….maybe guacamole at a push.


This month I have started mixing crushed avocado with feta and lime juice to make a yummy lunchtime treat. I have been eating it most days and now I can honestly say….its not that bad!

In The Bathroom:

The amazing people at Jo Malone have really spoilt us again with a new-ish release in their Peony and Blushed Suede fragrance….to which I have very quickly become addicted. They have recently brought out a Cleansing Shower Oil which is just beautiful!! It is great for hydrating the dry skin that this season brings, and has a strange way of producing a slight lather on the skin.


The heady silky fragrance lingers with you throughout the day, and is great for a base to use for layering fragrances. Personally I use the matching body cream and perfume on top….but then again, I’m ok with smelling like a bunch of peonies in a suede bow!

In The Bedroom:

In my bid to get organised, I have been spending an extended amount of time in The Bedroom having a big clear out. Like most, I can not do things in silence, so, Netflix and I have been getting friendly. We are very lucky to have Chromcast set up in The Bedroom, so i can watch my new found love on a normal screen. I must admit, I caved into the Pretty Little Liars hype, so the first season is being churned through now.

The Living Room (a.k.a The House of Lotz Retreat and Spa)

This last month in I have morned the loss of a great faithful friend…..my laptop case finally bit the big one and cracked. I loved that case! It was the signature House of Lotz turquoise and was really sturdy…we….until it gave up. To replace it, I hit Amazon and treated myself to this marble number.


It provides the same protection, and has the added bonus of a vented base to make sure my very over worked laptop does not over heat! The only problem is….when you glance past the table where I work….my laptop looks dirty…however, I can over look that as the marble looks very chic!

In My Handbag (a.k.a The Portable House of Lotz)

The main thing in my life that needed organising over the last month was my blogging schedule. During my first year of doing this, I have found that if I don’t keep at least a week ahead I fall behind very quickly….so….I invested in this beautiful Moleskin Notebook to keep me on track.

I have a dedicated brainstorm section, as well as a list of posts that are in the works that need fitting into this year at some point. I even have a section to use just for posts that I need to write over Christmas…..I know…..I’m crazy!! hehehe

Well, that was January in a nutshell! Did you all have a good month? What are your favourite things that have happened in January?

Next month in The House of Lotz will be a little bit more manic and self indulgent as Birthdays draw ever closer….so I will keep the glitter and balloons in hiding for another time!

See you all next week for the first part of a Valentines Double Bill xXx

Have a great weekend everyone xXx

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