The Quick and Easy Valentines Dinner – Stuffed Chicken in Parma Ham

It’s fair to say that i wanted to get in early with my Valentines offering thus year. As with most things, particularly if you are going down the romantic or group dinner route, you need a bit of prep time………Valentines is hitting The House of Lotz a week early to give everyone a chance to get ready, no matter what you are getting up to.

This year, I thought I would talk you through a yummy main course you can use for a treat for yourself, a romantic dinner or a full dinner party. No matter how many you are serving, this is quick, can be prepped in advance and is super tasty!!

So…lets get into the kitchen and get started…..

Today’s offering is Stuffed Chicken in Parma Ham, with Crushed Potatoes and Asparagus

Per Person you will need:

Chicken Breast, 3 Slices of Parma Ham, 2 tbsp Cream Cheese, 1 tsp Pesto


You will also need, new potatoes and asparagus…..for this you can use as much to as little as you want….it depends how much you love potatoes and asparagus I guess!!

First things first……as with anything in The House of Lotz Kitchen, turn your oven onto full blast to heat us. We aren’t making cakes rise today, but, it makes the kitchen warm, and you won’t have to add on any extra cooking time to you meal.

Pop a pan of water on the stove to boil, and add your new potatoes. These have to be cooked until they are very soft, so putting them on now is perfect.


In a small bowl, mix together your cream cheese and pesto until they are well combined. You can leave this as a loose marbled effect, however, your pesto is lightly to go walk about.

Leave this mixture in the fridge for a few minutes you are prepping your chicken.

Cut a strip of foil and place it on the kitchen side.

On to your foil, place your Parma Ham.


Pop your chicken breast on the Parma Ham.


Remove your cream cheese mix from the fridge and spread it generously onto the chicken.


Now you are your pile of ingredients, it’s time to roll these little guys up. Roll your chicken and parma ham together to you create a parcel. When you are done you will have something that looks like a cross between a Christmas Cracker and a sausage.


Drop you’re oven down to 180 degrees and bake your foil sausages for 25 minutes. You will know your parcels are cooked by pressing lightly on the foil. They will feel firm to the touch.

Whilst your chicken is cooking, steam your asparagus. I like to do mine in a small frying pan with a lid and  a few table spoons of water.


Now your potatoes are done, drain off the water and lightly crush them with a potato masher. This is just to break the skin. Add in 2-4 tbsp of butter to make the potato creamy.


Now everything is done and cooked, its time to relax and enjoy!!


Like I said guys…..quick and easy!!!

Now go….enjoy your Valentines no matter what you are up to xXx xXx

Have a great weekend everyone…….as you are reading this I will be celebrating my 30th Birthday with The Boy xXx

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