Turing 30 and All That Jazz

So….this week is a bit of a big deal in The House of Lotz….The Boy and I have bother turned 30…well…as I write this, I’m 30….The Boy is still 29 until this post goes live….hehehe……as you read this, we will either be eating a very late breakfast or a light lunch before I take him on a magical mystery tour this evening…heheheh

Anyway….lets get into today’s post. Today I wanted to go through a fun things that The Boy and I got up to this week…..

Please note: this is not showing off, bragging, promoting any brands or products. This is a little walk through a Birthday Shopping Trip that we went on this week.

A Day in Harrods (yaaaay)

Harrods is one of those places that many perceive to be snooty, pretentious and overly expensive. On some levels this may be true, however, I love and adore it! Harrods has been a regular place to visit in my life for as long as I can remember. It will forever have a special place in my heart…..

Anyway, to the shopping…..

The main purpose of this visit was to get The Boy’s birthday present. After visiting what felt like 20 counters, he picked out a beautiful Mulberry wallet, that we have hot stamped with his monogram. As expected, the staff and service was fantastic and I really can’t wait for him to start using it. The lady who helped us at the counter even managed to get the monogram done the same day, as we where not planning to be back in London until next month…..Super appreciated and can not thank these guys enough!

Along the route to find The Boy the perfect pressie, I might have stopped by a few Beauty counters……and there may have been some damage done…

First Stop, Marc Jacobs……for those of you who are into this sort of thing, you will know that Marc Jacobs Beauty has never been stocked in the UK before…..so….there was a mass panic in The House of Lotz. Previously the only way to get these products was to order thought Sephora or go to the US and France. I appreciate these are not the worst of all the options out there, but this is still a bit of a pain!!

I treated myself to these little guys:

Above we have: “The Lolita” Style Eye-con pallet, Le Marc Lip Creme in “Dashing”, Enamored Nail Polish in “Blacquer” and Enamored Nail Polish in “Fluorescent Beige”

I am super luck to have already been able to try the nail polishes before, and they last so well! I am currently wearing “Fluorescent Beige” at the moment and its amazing! As I am very pale, the light colour seems to make my hands look slimmer and more feminine.

I will be doing a more details post on these in a few months after I have had a chance to play with them properly!

Next Stop………Tom Ford!! There is nothing like buying from the Harrods Tom Ford counter! The staff are lovely, really honest and are just really helpful!

On this particular trip, I came home with these 3 little guys:

Lipstick in “Spanish Pink”, Brow Sculptor in “Taupe” and Patent Finish Lip Colour in “No Vacancy”

These are also things that I will be talking about in more detail in a post coming your way soon!

In our walk through Harrods, we where also looking for something from The Boy to Me as a Birthday gift…..he already brought me some super cute gifts that I opened on Saturday, but to go with them, he wanted to get me something special to mark being Old…..so sweet!!

We went to a few counters and in the end went with this beautiful little bracelet from Links of London. As you have all seen, I wear a big silver bangle on my left arm, and I wanted something light to wear with it….however, this comes with a problem…..I have man wrists, so finding a delicate bracelet is a mission in itself! In the end, we picked out this little gem. Its everything I wanted it to be, and is made even more special because The Boy likes it as much as I do.


I know this post is a little short and a bit all over the place, but we are still celebrating with Family and Friends xXx

Right….more champagne and more cake…..have a great weekend everyone xXx xXx

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