Wellbeing – Tips and Trick to keeping you at your best

Wellbeing…..it’s a funny thing. We all seem to think if we do not have a cold and everything is going on smoothly, we are doing ok.

“The World didn’t end today, all good”, “I ate my kale like a good girl, all is good”, “I didn’t eat that piece of cake even though I really wanted it, all good”, “I managed to fit in all the stuff i had to do today, but i have had no time to eat, pee, sleep or stop today, all good”……but is that really true? Is everything “All Good”? Are you looking after your wellbeing?

Mrs Briana of BeeBiju and I have both been thinking about this a lot over the past month or so. We both have so much going on with Work, Home, Blogs and businesses that we are forever playing catch up. Forever adding to the master To Do list that never seems to end.

This week, we both wanted to bring you all our tips and tricks for keeping on the Wellbeing wagon and the places we fall off…..

Life, Stress and everything that throws us off:


We all have those moments throughout the day where we just want to scream into a pillow….come on, I know it can’t just be me??

But what makes us feel this way? Work? Home? Road Rage? Trains delays? The everyday routine that keeps getting bigger? The Little Ones at home? Maybe it’s a mix of all of these, maybe its just one of these.

Now, that being said, all of these things are the day to day and we have to just get on with them, but,with that, little bits of stress follow us everywhere we go. It chips away at the Wellbeing layer that we make for ourselves what ever way we can.

(Lordy this sounds so depressing……but I promise I have a point).

Eventually, if something like this is chipped away at long enough, the cracks show and the floods come in. We get overwhelmed, stressed, in some cases we get sick and its horrible…on both sides. For the person feeling this way, and the person who watches the ones they care for suffer.

Now….I suffer from Anxiety, so when the floods come in, my body responds with an Anxiety Attack. For those of you reading this who suffer from the same, you understand what I am saying. For me, this feels like I have been sucker punched in the chest, in a pit of quicksand and I have a paper bag over my head. A bit dramatic I know, but this is the only way I can describe it.

This feeling of the never ending constant-ness can make us ill or feel like we are in quicksand quicker that we think…..so……what can we do about it? We all have all of these things to do, but there is a feeling that you might fall apart…..so how are we meant to get this done?

I have been told before “Don’t Stress”, “Take a Step Back”, “Don’t worry so much”. Great advice, but how do we do that? How do I get out of the cycle of “I can do it all”, “Oh God all is a lot to do” to “OMG I can not do this anymore”.

I’m afraid there are no easy fixes. Like everything, we have to work at it….so…..these are the things that I have found keep away the rising floods from coming in.

Now, I do not want to scare you all by saying we have to work for Wellbeing. What I mean by this is that, for me, I have had to make time and build things into my routine to make sure I keep myself in my Wellbeing Blanket. I have had to spend some time really listening to my body to find out what it really needs from me……it’s all about balance!

Take Breaks:

It does not matter what you are doing in the day, be it driving long distance, working a long day, cleaning the house, caring for your loved ones, we need a break!

I know, I know, easier said than done…..but breaks do not have to be this huge thing that you have to take hours out of your day doing or not doing as the case may be. A break should not be as stressful as the stress that leads us to need a break in the first place.

When you feel u need to take a minute, take one. During the work day, I take “Breaks” in 2 hour intervals. These mainly consist of needing to go to the ladies room, or make a water run. These few moments give me a chance to rest my brain, and not kill the people needing my attention.

Eating Well:


This does not mean eating 3 almonds in the morning and praying for the best. This means listening to what your body wants. I like to call this “Eating like a pregnant lady”. These wonderfully lucky women eat as their bodies tell them, and I really believe that we should all do the same. They are the ultimate example of a balance. They eat what their bodies need in the way they want.

To do this, I make things up as I go along. I am a big meal planner, we have a fully curated list of everything we are eating for dinner on the back of The House of Lotz kitchen door for the week…however, everything else is fair game. Your body will tell you what you need to eat, so please listen to it as it needs you. If you want chocolate, take a little piece……there is no harm, as long as it makes you feel good. The same of fruit and vegetables.

You can fit this in throughout the day, and I promise that this will really bring a bounce to your step before you know it.

(This is a very short section as I will be doing a “Diet/What I eat in a day” post some time soon)

The Full Reset:

So….this takes a little more time but it is 100% worth it.

Once a week I like to clear my entire world of all clutter and things for about 2 hours. I turn everything off, including my brain. First things first, I get out my notebook and start to write everything down that is in my head. All the stress comes out through my pen into my book. Once done, I close the book and get in the bath tub. This way, you can focus on not focusing! There is nothing in your brain that can distract you from taking a wonderful rest….which we all need.

To treat myself, I like to add a few candles, a fancy bath bomb and a glass of mint tea. This is the one time of the week that I am available to only me….everyone else has to wait.

Well……That gives you a bit of an insight into Wellbeing and how things go down in The House of Lotz. Mental health and Wellbeing are really important to me on a personal level, so this post has been hard and a joy to write all at the same time.

Please pop over the Mrs Briana and what she has to say on this very important buzzword of a subject.

In the coming months, we will be doing a catch up to see if we have been keeping at our wellbeing habits and to catch you up on anything we have added in that you guys might like.

Much love to you all xXx Have a great weekend xXx

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