February Favourites

Well….apparently I blinked and February passed me by! It feels like I have only just gone through January Favourites, and I am already looking into March and Mother’s Day.

Anyway…..I wanted to start off this month’s favourites by saying a massive Thank You to all my wonderful friends and family for a wonderful Birthday Season! Apparently being 30 suits The Boy and I. We really could not have had a better time!!

A special Thanks also goes out to Mrs Briana for another amazing Collaboration! As always her posts are inspiring on so many levels…..Now….watch this space for more guest spots over the rest of the year…

Right….now into the Mix and Match of things that have made up the Month of February in The House of Lotz…

In The Kitchen:

So….hands up who can start the day without coffee….? Well, you luck ones with your hands up, I am not in your group. I do not have the joy of being able to face the day as it comes, and as a result, I develop a crazy close bond with my caffein fix of choice.


This month I have been trying out this very fancy espresso powder…..I know i know….instant espresso should really be a sin in life, however, this is actually rather nice! At 0600hrs when I am trying to leave the house, making espresso the good old fashioned way is just not going to happen. i have found that I can get that amazing good old fashioned taste and experience by mixing 2tsp of this powder with my steamed milk for that “Girl In A Hurry” Cappuccino. Perfect to tackle the M25 with!

In The Bathroom:

Over the last month or so, my skin has had a bit of a falling out with my Liz Earl Cleans and Polish cream….it was not pretty!! There where dry patches and all kinds of stinging and itching going on…..anyway…..enough about my poor face…..

As a result of this dryness, I have switched up my entire skin care routine to include more oils to get as much hydration into my skin as possible. The newest edition to this oily skin care line up is the Emma Hardi Cleansing Balm. You know I am not one to jump on the hype band wagon, but, this stuff is worth it! My makeup melts away into a smudgy mess that is swiftly swished away with a flannel or cotton cloth. This stuff even removes liquid lipsticks and waterproof mascara with hardly any effort at all.


Added bonus: its has a beautiful light citrus fragrance which is super uplifting and relaxing for a hint of luxury at the end of a long day.

In The Bedroom:

My Name is Lotz and I’m a lip product junky…..I can’t help it! To add to this terrible affliction….I am also addicted to high end makeup. It’s just so pretty!! Anyway…..to the point….Over my Birthday Harrods Trip, I picked up the Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Colour in “No Vacancy” and it is amazing!!!


The shine is has soon fades however, you are left with a beautiful tint on the lips. The applicator is much the same as the Clarins Lip Perfecters, and gives a great little plumping massage as you are applying the sticky liquid colour.

Unlike most lip lacquers, this is easy to reapply and, for such a bright colour, it is great for all day long.

In The Living Room (A.K.A The House of Lotz Retreat and Spa)

I’m really really sorry but I am about to bang on again about another high end product…..I have an excuse…..It was my Birthday!!!!

Top: Lola, From Left to Right: Daisy, Blacquer and Fluorescent beige

Marc Jacbos is now in the UK……all the screams and jumping up and down happened when I saw this on Instagram. i am super lucky as I already had a couple of these amazing nail colours from very lucky trips to Sephoras over the past few years, but I have now increased my collection……As a brand, Marc Jacobs just has Nail Colours on point! The are opaque in 2 coats, dry quickly and last for ages! The only polishes I have used this month are these 4….and as a result The House of Lotz Retreat and Spa might just get rebranded as a nail salon!

In My Handbag (A.K.A The Portable House of Lotz)

So……rewind to August and a conversation i had with my Mother over coffee…..I was given the option to have a Birthday Party for my 30th….me…social….on my Birthday….I don’t think so! A party could not have been a worse idea!! So….my Mother thought for a few beats and said “Well, what else do you want?” as a total joke I mentioned a particular brand, and a particular limited edition bag……


I am not the proud Bag Mummy of this amazing Mulberry Bayswater in Oxblood. This was a total shock one my Mother took me seriously! I really could not be more happy with it and i love it so much! Don’t get me wrong,I love my Louis Vuitton, but, this is super special and I will let you all in on this little story in a post to come in the next month or so.

So…that’s what has been keeping The House of Lotz going over the month of February.

What have you all being loving this month?

I hope you all had a wonderful February…..I can’t wait for you to see what I have in store for March!

Have a great weekend xXx Hugs and Love xXx

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