Mother’s Day Baking: Chocolate Brownie Cookies

Mother’s Day…..for me, it always acts as the spring time alarm. As soon as the Mother’s Day signs and promotions start popping up, it means it is time for daffodils and spring lambs to start popping up. My Mum and Mama bot love when springs starts to make itself know, so this time is even more special to me.

Anyway….back to the task in hand! As you read this, Mother’s day will be about to pop up around the corner, and I wanted to share a yummy recipe with you that never fails to make Mum’s happy! These are also great to make with your little ones, partner, siblings and your parents. They are great fun and a perfect time to make a lot of mess! They are a great Mother’s day gift as it shows a lot of thought, heart and effort……a lovely thoughtful gift made with love! Mum’s love gifts made by their children, so why not make something you can enjoy together!

Right….lets get started!

You Will Need:

85g Cocoa Powder,400g Caster Sugar, 125ml Vegetable Oil, 4 eggs, 250g Self Raising Flour, a pinch of salt (you are also going to need 60g Icing Sugar later on)

Equipment you will need:

Large Mixing bowl, Rubber Spatula, Sieve, Cookie Sheets, Cookie scoop or a dessert sponsor scooping the mixture

First things first, as always, turn your oven on to the highest heat to warm up. This allows your cookies to make straight away without having to wait for the oven to warm up….and it makes your kitchen a bit warmer……its still freezing out there!!

In a nice big bowl or jug, mix together your sugar and vegetable oil. Until it looks like sand.

Sift in your Cocoa Powder to ensure you have no extra lumps….This will make the mixture look like a very dark wet sand. This is exactly what you want at this stage.


Now you have black sand, start adding in your eggs, one at a time.


Sift in your flour and mix in well. This will take a while, and will make your arm hurt, but it is soooooooo worth it!

Now you have a think brownie mix, cover the mixture and refrigerate for a minimum of 1 hour. I left this lot over night….but this is what happens when you start baking at 9pm and have to get up for the 9-5 in the morning.


Once your mixture is a set……this does not mean in one solid lump….this is just to firm up the fixture so you do not make a humungous mess!

Take a desert spoon and scoop out a spoonful of mixture.


Roll this mixture into a ball and drop it into your bowl of icing sugar.


Lightly coat your ball of goodness in the icing sugar and pop it on the lined baking tray.

Make a few more of these balls and add them to your baking tray, allowing a good amount of space between them as these little guys will spread like you would not believe!


When you have you tray filled, drop your oven down to 180 and bake them for 10 minutes.

I have no little bit of advise on the best way to bake these….except that when they crack, and dry to the touch….they are done!


Once they are ready leave them on the ray for 5 minutes to set, before moving to a cooling rack.

All you need to do when they are cooled, pop them in a beautiful basket and give them to your wonderful Mum!


She will have about 3 days to eat these before the start doing soft….if they last that long!

These little guys are great with tea, coffee, wine…..and if you let the go soft, pop the in the microwave and add some ice-cream…..super tasty!!

Have a great weekend everyone….spoil your Mum’s rotten…they deserve it!! xXx

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  1. They look so tasty! Great post x

    Mother’s Day Gift Guide –


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