Hand and Nail SOS – Nail Repair

Your hands and nails really do say a lot about you. It’s one of the few places that shows your age, stress and hydration levels. They are constantly out in all weathers, put in and out of water, get calluses from working to hard and get abused when we are stressed out. i personally used to bight my nails, but after kicking that habit, I now pick at the skin around them…..gross and an over share i now, but think about it….where are your hands now? What are they doing? Are u munching on a hangnail? Picking at a bit of polish? Are your nails covered in gel/acrylic/bio gel? All these things can contribute to how your hand look, and subsequently, what they say about you.

Right now, my nails currently say “Under Construction” or “Trying to get back on track”. After longer than i would like to admit being covered in polish and not having recovered properly after a stockily terrible gel manicure last year, I am working on getting my little friends back to their former glory….

I personally take a lot of pride in my nails. Usually my nails are perfectly painted, always the same length, and my polish is never chipped! I will forever have my Nan’s voice ring in my ears saying “Chipped nail polish makes you look like you have dirty underwear”. I know this is not strictly true, however, it does not look nice at all!! This particular Nan smoked forever and her hands and nails never showed it. Her nails and lipstick where always perfect!

Over the last few weeks, I have taken my nail and hand care routine to a new strict level, in and effort to bring them back to their A Game.

So….this is my 3 product Nail SOS….

The File:

Nail Files are a funny business. Pick the wrong one and it will rip your nails to shreds. Pick the right one and it will do all the work for you.


These light/fine nail files from Sephora are amazing! They glide through the nail and make a soft smooth surface that will leave you snag free for days…..or until your next nail pings off.

Never ever ever use a metal nail file…..these will screw your nails up big time!!

Note: Try to file in the same direction. A sawing motion will just result in splits later on


Treatment Polish:

Treatments are amazing!!!! Mooching through the isle of Boots, Superdrug or your local Super Market you will find 1001 different treatment polishes for whatever may ail you nails!


As mine are under construction, I am going for a mix of Nails Inc “Nailkale Superfood Base Coat” and the Sally Hanson “Nail Rehab”. Both are working their wonders at the moment.

Note: Follow the instructions on these guys! Like anything, they are on their for a reason!!


A lot of people, myself included, forget that even are hands and nails need a drink too! Hydrating your hands and nails not only makes them look and feel that bit better, however, doing this regularly feeds them. It makes them grow, stops them splitting and can help soften your cuticles.

Your can go down 2 routes with hydration: Creams or Oils.

Creams are great for durning the day, as they don’t need a lot of faffing about with. I’m very shallow when it comes to cream…if they smell nice, I’m using it. They are always travel size and they come with me everywhere.

Oils are amazing for overnight as you don’t need to touch anything except your PJ’s and sheets. Personally I have worked this into my routine so I won’t forget about it!!


If you are going to do an oil, try and get a fruit or nut oil that has a lot of Vitamin D and good fats in it. Personally I like to go with OPI “Nail and Cuticle Replenishing Oil” which is Avocado based, or the Essie Apricot Oil. Either of these are amazing and I am addicted to the smell!!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this little nail care SOS. Following these little tips will make your nails and hands feel pampered and loved.

Have a great weekend everyone….happy nails to you all xXx hugs and love xXx

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