March Favourites

I have one word that sums up March – Germy! As you all saw last week, The House of Lotz was under quarantine due to a rather horrid throat infection that had decided to take up residence. For the best part of a week, all I could do was squeak at people and main that I was behind with everything….

However, before losing my voice and giving everyone I know a quiet life for a change, the month of March was filled with Spring-like fun…….so….here are the best things that have been keeping The House of lots going this past month….

In The Kitchen:

This month has shown the start of the Sunshine and bright tasty goodness, and my snack choices have really reflected the change in season. Pistachios are addictive anyway, but this month I have been eating them like they are going out of fashion!

March Favourites – Pistachios

This month I have been adding these little nuggets of yumminess to my afternoon snack of Blueberries and a cup of mint tea, and they have been really hitting the spot!

In The Bathroom:

As you may have seen from my Instagram (@thehouseoflotz)…the end of February marked a bit of a hair change for me….and March has been no different! My Amazing Hair Dresser Millie from Rush Windsor has been fantastic at making my Violet-Grey hair dreams come true. She never fails to make me feel like a more Lotz version of myself….couldn’t love her more!!

Anyway….gushing aside…..with this amazing hair change has come a hair product change…….and we all know how I feel about doing anything to my hair in the first place!! At the suggestion of Miss Millie, I have invested in a Purple Shampoo and Conditioner to stop my hair going a crazy straw colour.

March Favourites – Purple Shampoo

This particular set came from ASOS at a bargain price and its been keeping my hair perfect!

In The Bedroom:

As part of an amazing Birthday Pressie series from my Mama and Dadums, they gave my this amazing Night Serum from Lulu’s Time Bomb.

March Favourites – Lulu’s Time Bomb

A light layer of this, combined with my usual skincare routine has been brining my skin back to its usual bright shiny self.

In The Living Room (aka The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat)

As you saw in my Nail SOS post from the 12th March, my nails have been falling apart and have been in need of a massive revamp. This has mainly consisted of buffing and filing them back to nothing and covering them in the Sally Hanson Nail Rehab.

March Favourites – Sally Hanson Nail Rehab

This stuff is AMAZING!! 2 coats of this every few days really has been bringing the strength back to my nails, all whilst giving them a little coat of colour….very French Beauty Chic.

In The Handbag (aka The Portable House of Lotz)

So…..I appreciate that this particular favourite does not fit in my hand back, but…’s far too cool for me not to mention.

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but, I love unicorns! They are amazing and beautiful! So when an email came through from Firebox advising me that they have a “Magical Unicorn Umbrella” I might have freaked out a little bit!

March Favourites – Unicorn Umbrella

This combines 2 things I love, and I had to have this umbrella for my collection…yes I collect umbrellas….what can I say…I live in England, it’s a practical thing to collect!!

So….that was March from The House of Lotz. What have you guys been loving this month?

I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter Holiday Weekend xXx Hugs and love xXx

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