Spring Lip Colours – Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Colour

Spring has finally sprung in The House of Lotz….yaaaaaaaay!!! As with most seasons, at the start of it I am calling it “My Favourite Time of Year” but half way through it I am sick of it….however, Spring brings with it bright colours, life and rejuvenating goodness that we have forgotten about over the Winter.

These beautiful bright colours have been making the world feeling that little bit more lively over the last few weeks….so…..as a result I have decided that these brights need to start making their way onto my face in an attempt to make me feel this way.

As you all know, I’m a lip product junky….and I love high end make-up….in particular I have a great love for Tom Ford lip products, so when I saw that they had a brand new toy for me to play with I could not resist…

The Technical Bits:

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Colour

Tom Ford have recently released their Patent Finish Lip Colours. These little guys are claimed to be a long-lasting high shine lip colour in an unique easy to use click pen…….now…..I have to say…they are not wrong!

The click pen packaging makes the product easy to control and ensures that you do not waste anything. The only down side to this click pen is that when you first start to use the product, it takes what feels like a million years to get it going. If any of you have used a twist up or click pen product at all, you will know this is a standard thing and I am just moaning….the sound drives me crazy!!

The applicator on this might not be to everyone taste as it is a bit on the firm side, however it really does provide a mini plumping action to the lips and helps you apply the product evenly.

The Colours

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Colour – Top Erotic, Left No Vacancy, Right Stolen Cherry

Now…..I am a super lucky lady and I have got my hands on 3 of the 8 beautiful bright Spring/Summer shades…so….lets get into the fun bit……

No 5 – Stolen Cherry

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Colour – Stolen Cherry

This little guy is a true Cherry Red as the name suggests. It’s a beautiful shade that I have been wearing this shade during the day to work a lot!! It’s bright, but not too much for day to day.

No 6 – No Vacancy

Tom Ford Patent Lip Colour – No Vacancy

This shade is more of an Orange Red, and is just perfect!! I have been using this for date nights and evenings out to bring s pop of colour to the still slightly grey evenings.

No 7 – Erotic

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Colour – Erotic

This has to be my favourite of the bunch!! The Fuchsia Pinky Purple has been making me so happy in my down time and it appears to go with everything!!

If you guys are anything like me, I have this perception that glosses do not last and they smudge all over the place. These are not like this at all! Rather than slipping off or sinking into the lips and leaving you naked, these ultra shiny glosses eventually “fade” down to a song lip stain, leaving you covered for hours after the patent finish has gone. They really are super long lasting!


I hope you all enjoyed this little walk through the Tom Ford Patent Lip Colour collection!! Let me know if you have tried any of these or if you have any other shades that I need to try!

Have a great Springy Weekend everyone!! Enjoy the pops of colour xXx

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