One Shirt Three Ways – Spring Edition

Spring is slowly popping it’s head up and has been making itself known over the last few weeks….which basically means that the weather is getting wetter in the UK. The big thick coats can now be put away in favour of the light trench coats, leather and denim jackets. It is super handy that all of these look very good with an umbrella in hand and scarf tucked into your handbag.

Anyway….you guys know the drill by now. I have this horrid habit of wearing the same thing all the time, but I keep re-working it a thousand times over to make it look like I don’t just have one thing that fits me at the moment….and this white t-shirt is no exception to this! I have far too many of them in my collection, however, as you have seen and will see through the series, I love and wear them all the time! It is truly the perfect basic!

Enough gushing from me…..lets get into the looks…..

A Casual Morning:

I am currently addicted to wearing anything that can pass for yoga wear or pyjamas when I am enjoying my down time. So this outfit is perfect for my morning hush moment in the garden wth my coffee.

The House of Lotz – Casual White T-Shirt Look

I have paired my white t with my New Look Denim Shirt, my super stretchy biker trousers from Yours Clothing and my ever faithful Converse, which by the way where fresh from the wash. This outfit is perfect for chilling out, shopping, lunch or going for a walk.

A Day At The 9 to 5:

I’ve been having a real love hate relationship with work wear this season so far. I think this is because I have been having some negative thoughts recently, but this is all for another time and another post….

The House of Lotz – Workwear White T-Shirt Look

Anyway….I have been loving this little nautical outfit for an easy go to look for the office. Its simple, looks pulled together and professional without having to think too much!

Out On The Town:

I often think people over look going out in the Spring….and I really do feel that it’s such a shame! It’s a beautiful time of year to go out for a lovely dinner, drinks and a walk.

The House of Lotz – Formal White T-Shirt Look

For this beautiful season, that still has its chilly spells, I have paired my favourite white t with a black maxi skirt from Gap, flat pointy black shoes and a big statement necklace. This looks like i made a lot of effort, without really having to think about it. This outfit has the added bonus of being surprisingly warm, so all you need is a leather jacket to finish off the look.

I hope you have all enjoyed this 3 outfit fix for the season! These outfits are all super easy to throw together, and can be reworked a thousand times over……as you will see in the next season in One Shirt Three Ways xXx

Have a great weekend everyone xXx hugs and love xXx

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