Spring Nail Polish Picks

Spring trends are funny things…well….trends in general are funny things I guess. They can apply to anything….food, shoes, the length of hair and skirts we have. it even effects the type of exercise we do…it even effects ur nails.

Over the last few seasons, I have seen a rather funny shift in nails trends, where we are really starting to take more care of our nails. More and more people are taking the time to maintain a healthy look, either at home or in the salon. Personally i can not keep up with the schedule of a salon mani. I don’t like not being able to change the colour of my nails at the blink of an eye…but the new trend for powder sculpted nails is pretty amazing!!

So……back to trends.

Today I wanted to talk about Spring Nail Colours that are just beautiful and can be achieved at home or in the salon…..

The Shear Wash:

This time of year is the perfect time to bring your nails back to their natural healthy glow. Its the prefect time to get rid of all the dark stains from the burgundy that we have on permanent rotation since mid September.

OPI – Barre My Soul

The beautiful shear wash given by OPI’s “Barre My Soul” is the perfect shade to bring out your nails natural greatness…..nearly like a BB or CC cream for your nails. 2-3 coats and you are good to go.

The Nude:

You can never go wrong with a nude. No matter what time of year it is perfect for day, night, formal, work or down time.

NailsInc – Uptown

Spring is no exception. “Uptown” from NailsInc Gel Effect line is perfect no matter the occasion, and really does last.

The Pastel:

Pastels in Spring…shocking I know! I love a pastel all year round, but for this season I love to try and mimic the flowers that are just popping out in The House of Lotz Garden.

Essie – Virgin Snow

Essie “Virgin Snow” or “Bikini So Tini” (they are the same colour essentially), is perfect for a light colour that is now in weekly rotation.

The Seasonal Green:

Spring….green…..you can not have one without the other. As I look shocking in green, I have been using it on my nails.

Smith & Cult – Bitter Buddhist

Smith and Cult do beautiful polishes, and “Bitter Buddhist” is their Spring Green that I have fallen in love with. Im calling it now…..Future Cult Classic.

The Wild Card:

So…..I have thrown in a new colour that I would not usually wear…but I have just fallen in love with it.

NailsInc – Gloucester Crescent

This amazing new edition from NailsInc combines amazing nail care and great colour. “Gloucester Crescent” combines a lovely blue hue with a “Superfood Boost” from Sweet Almond Oil and Matcha to improve nail health.

Nail colours for spring in The House of Lotz have really brightened up my nail routine for both my hands and my toes…..sandal season is not long away!

I hope you enjoyed a mooch through my polish draw.

Have a great weekend everyone xXx hugs and love xXx

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