April Favourites

Well, that was April everyone. It has been another month to come and go in a flash like the last few….however this time, it has gone by in a whirl wind of bubbles, crying and screaming with joy.

So…..let’s get into it before I burst…

Life Favourite:

The Boy and I are delighted to announce that we are Engaged! We really could not be any happier!!

Engaged – Aaaah!! Oh..and the Smythson Wedding Planner

No comments, no questions…..this is all.

(There might be be Wedding Planning posts to come, but I have jet to discuss this with The Boy or collect my thoughts about any of this yet)

We have spent most of the month celebrating. This weekend is no exception as we have some wonderful friends coming from Bath this weekend.

In The Kitchen:

Disaster of all disasters……our toaster died. One day to was toasting happily, the next everything is burned to a crips and the smoke alarm is going off…so off to out local John Lewis we went.

Kilner Storage Jar, Medium and Large John Lewis Storage Jar

After my little story, you would think my Kitchen Favourite for this month was our toaster….but no…..

Next to the toaster and bins, there was a beautiful display of Storage Jars which I feel in love with. So….these little guys came home with us…along with a new toaster and bin.

They have prompted a Kitchen Spring Clean in The House of Lotz. These jars now live on the kitchen side filled with wholesome ingredients that have made me really cook outside my usual comfort zone….recipes to follow.

In The Bathroom:

As it’s nearly the season to start cracking out my arms, leg and sandalled feet, I thought it was time to invest in a new body scrub. Something a bit softer with a more floral scent……as always I went straight to Rituals to have a good sniff of everything to find some inspiration.

Rituals – Himalaya Scrub

This amazing Sweet Almond and Indian Rose Himalaya Scrub is no exception. The fine crystals really get down into the skin and buff it to a perfectly smooth surface.

As this product has a scented oil as the base, i try to use it at the end of my shower routine……oily hair is not cute!!

In The Bedroom:

With the warmer weather around the corner (I hope at least as it day…it’s been snowing), I thought it was time to invest in some summer PJ’s. This and with ASOS having a sale, I just couldn’t resist.

ASOS Curve Pijamas 

I decided that satin shorts and tops where the way to go, and boy was I right! The shorts are super comfy, and the tops are super cute…so these might just make it into my everyday rotation and make an outing for dinner and drinks.

NOTE: ASOS Curve PJ’s are very true to size. You do not need to go up or down. Everything is just the right size, with just enough extra room.

In The Living Room (aka The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat):

So….back at the toaster and storage jars in John Lewis…..I may have discovered the general Home Storage in the area I was mooching through. In this little ares, I found this amazing collapsible storage basket.

John Lewis Storage Basket

This little guy was immediately declared the perfect home for my Yoga paraphernalia. I know that sounds super dodgy, however, I have 2 Yoga Mats, 3 Blocks, A travel mat and straps to find homes for all over the living room, so it was about time to get them a single home. Everything now lives in one place, and I can always find what I need.

In My Handbag (aka The Portable House of Lotz)

There has been so much going on this month, and will be going on in the next few months, I have been living out of my dairy. So this month, I wanted to show case it to it’s full amazing glory.

Organisation Tips for 2015
Moleskin Diary

This Moleskin Weekly Planner is perfect for planning out my week, as well as keeping track of my ever increasing to do list.

I even have space to write in a section I call “Thoughts for the week”. A little space that I can brain dump things that are bothering me, making me anxious and make me happy throughout the week.

Is it bad that the colour coded washi tape just makes me feel calm? My diary is as colourful as my mind feels on a daily basis.

So…..that was April!

What have you all been up to? Is there anything I need to get my little hands on to add to my favourites for May?

Have a great weekend…..Hugs and Love xXx


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