Colouring Books – The New Kind of Meditation

At the start of the year, like most of us, I set my goals for the year. There was a painful moment when I had to be really honest with myself about making some positive changes in my life to put myself first. Many of us suffer from this weird feeling where we do not want to give up some of our own time for ourselves, myself included.

I have tried meditating, which I have found I enjoy very much.

Yoga, which is now part of my day to day life.

Reading longer, which I do not like to do in the evening as I am looking at a screen all day.

Watching TV, this I love as it gives me a chance to zone out, but it is not quite enough as I get fidgety, so……something else had to be added to help my brain cool down at night……here comes colouring to the rescue!!

The newest trend in relaxation techniques and being more mindful, is colouring. Adult colouring books, in all senses of the phrase, are popping up all the place…Supermarkets, Book Shops and now in The House of Lotz.

These books are the perfect way to switch off your 9-5 brain, the busy brain, the “i just need to” brain and switch on the “Ooooo pretty colours” brain.

I have been through a few different books and tools for colouring, and i have found that there are a 4 main types, and here are my picks from each:

The Therapeutic One:

“Colour Me Calm” by Lucy Mucklow and Angela Porter is just that! It is a wonderful book filled with all sorts of different sections of illustrations to colour your leisure. Each section manages to evoke a great sense of calm no matter how stressed out you are.

These images are not too detailed, but detailed enough to keep you in the colouring zone for ages!

I recommend pencils for this book as the pages are super thick and you get a wonderful finish…plus the sound….so calming!!

The Cult Classic:

Alice and Wonderland celebrated its 150th Birthday this year and as a result, my favourite book and its original illustrations by Sir John Tennell have been everywhere!

As soon as I saw this colouring book it had to be mine!! These fine line drawings combined with the original text from the book brings this great sense of calm an nostalgia that everyone needs to experience.

This one is another pencil book as the pages are thin. The pencil also lets you blend our colours and allows you to be true to the original illustrations.

The Discreet One:

“The Mindfulness Colouring Book” by Emma Farrarons is great for those of you who like to de-stress at the end of the work day or at lunch when you are out and about. This super small and compact book allows you to take it with you in your handbag or travel bag to keep you going during a stressful day.

The fine line repetitive prints are perfect for just zoning out in your left brain for a while.

All I can say for this one is…..Mini Pen Set….too cute!!

The Specialty Wild Card

So…..whilst The Boy and i where in London this weekend, we came across a store called “kikki.K” This is like a super Chic Paperchase and is my current new obsessions.

As soon as we walked in, I saw this colouring book. and it combines everything i love about Art Therapy and Simplicity. This book combines inspirational quotes with amazing patterns that leave your imagination to run wild… long as you can keep up with it.

So….what do you all think of Art Therapy or as I like to call it “Creative Meditation”?

I hope you all have a wonderfully calm weekend filled with colour and joy.

Hugs and love xXx

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