What is in The Portable House of Lotz? aka What’s in my bag?

Like most people, I spend 70-90% of my day away from my home. It’s a shame as my home is one of my favourite places to be, however, needs must….from this The Portable House of Lotz was born.

My bag holds my entire life. It has everything I need to keep my life together whilst I am out taking on the world….so…..lets get into the deep dark depths of my bag….

Note: This is not showing off in any way…this is a response to the request question “Bloody Hell…..what do you keep in that thing? Your Life?”

The Bag:

Louis Vuitton Speedy, Mulberry Bayswater 

I have been switching between my Louis Vuitton Speedy and my Mulberry Bayswater over the last few months. They are both the perfect size to carry around all the nonsense I need. They can both fit way more than I stuff into them…but…I try to treat my bags nicely and not stuff them too much.

The Big Book’s of Life:

I carry way to much paper around with me day to day. I have my Blogging notebook, my Diary and my Wedding Planner with me at the moment as i am trying to do 1000 things at once.

Moleskin Diary, Moleskin Plain Pages Notebook, Smythson Panama Wedding Planner

As I am trying to do all of these things on paper, I like to keep a pouch of pens of various different colours…I even keep a pencil….you never know!! (Bonus points for anyone who can spot my lucky pen).

The Money and Card Holders:

So this may seem a bit obsessive, but i have 3 different pieces I sue to store my card and cash. I carry what I call “My Big Wallet” around daily, no matter what! This has the usual stuff…ID, RAC Card…cash.

Louis Vuitton Wallet, Aspinal Card Holder, Kate Spade Card Holder

In a smaller card holder, I keep my loyalty cards. This is great as it keeps everything together without me needing to over stuff my big wallet and stretch it out. My Waterstone’s cards are pride of place….I spend way to much time and money in there on books.

Lastly in this little section, I have my business and travel card holder. This is just as it sounds. A 3 slot holder I picked up in the US last year from Kate Spade. It’s super cute, and keeps my Oyster Card, Train Tickets and a few business cards all together.

The Kit Bag:

This little pouch is the main source of life in The Portable House of Lotz. If anyone needs anything odd, it can always be found in here.

Louis Vuttion Makeup Bag: Blink eye drops, Real Techniques mini brushes, Hello Kitty Mirror, Sephora perfume bottle and random glasses cleaner

My favourite things in here have to be my super cute Real Techniques brushes, my mirror from my Mama and Dadums and my Sephora perfume bottle that has the fragrance The By brought me for our 9 year anniversary.

The Random Nonsense:

As with all bag carriers…..I have a random stash of stuff in my bag that has no real grouping, but needs a mention…….

Reusable Bag, Kate Spade Keyring, Hello Kitty Key Toppers, iPhone 6s Plus in Rose Gold and iPhone headphone case


Reusable bag: hey…I’m trying to do my bit for the environment…and in the UK, we now get charged 5 pence for each plastic bag we need in a shop.

Headphone case: these are headphone-less at the moment…I think they are in my car.


Phone….a gift from The Boy that I can not live without.

Chanel Sunglasses, Chloe Glasses (they are purple but the light is making them come up darker)

Glasses: my glasses are now on my face most of the day…the joys of being blind…but they sometimes live in my sunglasses case when it is sunny.

Sun Glasses: I love these sun glasses! The Boy thought these where not going to suite me, but as soon as he saw them on, he loved them just as much as I do! I even managed to get them on sale…woohoo!!

So…..this is what I keep with me every day….what do you all keep with you? Is there something I have missed that I need?

Have a great weekend everyone xXx Hugs and love xXx

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