May Favourites

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend Everyone!!

As marked by the second bank holiday in May…the month is now over! Another month has slid down in the 2016 hour glass to show that we are one step closer to Christmas.

In The House of Lotz, May has marked a funny month, where everything has gone on all at once! We have had some wonderful friends come to visit us to celebrate both of our engagements, an amazing visit to catch up with my amazing Bath Buddy, and looking at wedding venues. This is pretty much all I have been doing for the past few weeks…(blog post to follow I promise!)

After all of that fun and some pretty horrid things as well, the month of May has solid down to The house Favourites this month that are, as always, all over the place… lets get into it:

In The Kitchen:

Since The Boy popped the question, its given me a real boost to get back into the healthy swing of things. I am dong my best no to stress binge or comfort eat, and my kitchen favourite is really helping me get back on the wagon.

The Kenwood To Go blender is a little gift sent from heaven…ok….My Mum via John Lewis. This is very similar to the Nuteibullet, but a fraction of the price. This amazing little blender is your usual “In Cup Blender” and required very minimal cleaning or tidying up.


As someone who commutes 25 miles from my home, in rush hour, in my car, I have between an hour and an hour and half to sit and be board in traffic. When I’m board…I much…so an in car breakfast of a cereal bar and coffee was what was keeping me going until I could much on something at work. This is not a good way to start the day, for me any way…so I have switched out my sugary bars for a nutritions smoothie that keeps me going to lunch time.

My current go to favourite is a mix of: Porridge Oats, Flaxseed/Almond Mix, Berries, Banana and water. The water is sometime replaced with pomegranate juice or milk, depending on what is going off in the fridge…..waste not want not!!

The Bathroom:

Raw Coconut Oil is now my new best friend for all things beauty related. I know this is usually found in the kitchen but hear me out!

Coconut Oil for Oil Pulling

Coconut oil has so many health benefits, that are not just limited to the kitchen. I have been using it to whiten my teeth via the old fashioned method of Oil Pulling, and been using it in my hair as a mask before I wash my hair. I have also been know to pop a bit on dry skin….just in case!

In The Bedroom:

I wear so much jewellery during the day for work….but as soon as i get home, my necklace and bracelet have to come straight off. Now i have a nice shinny engagement ring to add to my collection, I have found that I really do not like leaving my jewellery laying around……

Ring Catch

I invested in these little bowls from Waitrose to pop my jewellery in whilst I am not wearing it. This is just perfect for when I am washing my hair or popping my lotions and potions on at night, just to keep my rings safe. Lord knows that purple shampoo, retinol and engagement rings really do not mix…plus…knowing how clumsy I am, I would scratch my face with my ring…so, off they come an into the dish…safe and sound!

Added bonus: the dish looks adorable!

In The Living Room (aka The House of Lotz retreat and Spa)

In the new year I set a new rule in The House of Lotz, where we would be sitting at the dinner table for dinner as much as possible. (Between us, I’m getting really sick of watching TV whilst I eat….it stops me feeling relaxed at the end of the day)

Coaster from Anthropology

As a result of the this nice little change, we have been playing musical chairs with our coasters to make sure our lovely table does not get scratched. I thought we would have to do this forever and a day until I popped into Anthropology in Bath, where these beautiful coasters where just sitting waiting for me.

I think the complement the rattan placemats just right….I’m not a fan of matchy-matchy.

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka My Handbag)

This is not strictly something I carry in my handbag, but it is something I carry with me most of the time…my water bottle.

I am the worst person in the world for keeping hydrated and the moaning when I have a headache. It’s my own fault and I had to start doing something about it…so….whilst buying new work shoes in New Look, I found this little guy…

Yoga Made Me Do It water bottle

It’s perfect and just sums up how Yoga can really make you feel like a different person! I have noticed that i am so much calmer after a good old stretch out…so The Yoga really does make you do it!

Well…that was May in The House of Lotz! What have you al been up to? Is there something super amazing you are up to over this wonderful bak holiday you want to share?

If you are stuck for a rainy weekend activity, try making my Quick Vegan Cupcakes from last weeks post. It’s a tasty treat to make and share with friends and family xXx

Have a great long weekend everyone xXx Hugs and Love xXx

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