Smoothie Bowls: The New Craze with a House of Lotz twist

Smoothie bowls, Acai bowls and “Nice Cream” have become the newest on trend in healthy eating. There is no reason why they shouldn’t be to be completely honest with you. These bowls of goodness have so many wonderful nutrients and you can pack in a bunch of dietary fibre all at once.

When I first sat down to by first yummy bowl of goodness, I new I had to give this a bash at home…

Now we have the good bits out of the way…let me go into the down sides…acai is horrid. Despite the fact that it has some amazing antioxidant properties, I can not get past the fact that it smells like olives, so its not on the top of my ingredients list.

“Nice Cream” by itself is also pretty boring, so its something I always end up adding cocoa powder and nut butters to.

So….with all of that to take into account, I have come up with the prefect smoothie bowl that does not smell like olives, or is super boring!

You Will Need:


1 frozen banana, 2 Handfuls of semi frozen or fresh berries, 1/2 cup juice (today I am using cranberry juice) 1/2 cup coconut water

Now this is super duper easy…..bung everything in a blender and whizz the whole thing until it is creamy. With the frozen banana and semi frozen fruits, you end up with the perfect consistency.

If I fancy something a bit richer, I have been known to add in some natural yoghurt into the mix…..just because…..

So, now you have made you yummy purple base, its time to pop it in a bowl and go crazy with the toppings. If I had all the time in the world I would be telling you to crack crack open a coconut and scoop out the flesh, however, I do not have that sort of time on my hands, and I’m usually holing up the TV scheduling with The Boy in the evening by continuing to faff about…so….I’m going to give you a day and night topping option to help you out:

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl Toppings:


For Breakfast I like to keep everything really fresh so I have topped this little guy with Flaxseeds, Oats and Chia Seeds. Its perfect to get you going for the day, and will fill you up until lunch!

After Dinner Treat:


After Dinner I like to go with something that makes me feel like I can go to spell happy with…so….I usually opt for chopped nuts, passions fruit and blueberries.

This is not a gospel style guide to smoothie bowls or smoothies in general. The joy of things like this is that you can put in whatever you have left in the fridge, stick it in the blender and just let it go.

I hope this has encouraged you all to play with your blender and will have a wonderful time enjoying something fresh and tasty!

Have a great weekend everyone xXx Hugs and Love xXx

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